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UK Lotto is the official lottery of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, as well as of the Isle of Man with one of the most active playing audiences in the country. This lottery is also popular abroad. It’s on a par with Thunderball UK, EuroMillions UK, Set For Life, and Lotto HotPicks is run by the official lottery operator Camelot Group. The British are considered one of the most lottery playing nations in the world, though most of all they like their major national lottery UK Lotto.

About the British lottery UK Lotto

For the first time, UK Lotto was introduced more than 20 years ago. The draws take place in the capital of Great Britain London. Unlike of other popular draw games of the world, the minimum UK Lotto Jackpot isn’t defined. Its amount depends on the accumulated prize pool.

If none of the players have matched all six numbers, then the Jackpot rolls up and goes to the next draw. There’s no limit for the maximum amount of the Jackpot. Nevertheless, the Jackpot increase isn’t infinite. After the fifth draw, the amount of the major prize is reset to zero, and the Jackpot is proportionally shared among all draw winners. That is, in addition to the main win in every fifth draw you have a chance to get an additional amount of money, that is, part of the Jackpot not won.

UK Lotto game rules

UK Lotto prizes are drawn on Wednesdays and Saturdays. These days you can choose your lucky numbers and win the Jackpot from anywhere in the world. In order to hit the Jackpot, you need to match 6 numbers out of 59. However, even if you match less than 6 numbers, you can still claim one of the non-Jackpot prizes. The game has 6 prize divisions, including the prize options, which were formed with the help of the additional Bonus Ball. UK Lotto winning odds are 1 out of 1 in 9,3, which is fairly high odds.


How to play UK Lotto?

To take part in UK Lotto, players need to pick 6 numbers out of 59.

When you fill in a lottery ticket, you can choose the “Easy-Pick” option and the system will generate random numbers for you. One playslip can hold up to five draws, however you can choose up to 20 draws in one entry if you play online. You have an opportunity to buy as many slips as you want.

If you want the same numbers to be played for the next consecutive draws, choose the “Multiple Draw Option” or the “Subscription” options.

If you want to multiply your winning odds, choose the “System” option.

Let’s sum up some breaking points about playing the lottery:

  • You can choose the amount of lines from 1 to 20.
  • The more lines you choose, the cheaper the price, as the amount of a discount increases with additional lines.
  • Each line contains 59 regular numbers.
  • Choose 6 out of 59 regular numbers.
  • If you use the Easy-pick option, the ticket will be filled in automatically.
  • The draw results appear on the result page and are sent to you by email.
  • Use the “Multiple Draw” and the “Subscription” options to join the upcoming draws.
  • You can use the System option that will provide you with an additional set of numbers to choose from.
  • UK Lotto draw schedule

There are two drawings of the British National lottery weekly: on Wednesdays and Saturdays. The UK Lotto results are available for viewing shortly after the end of the draw. The draws are broadcast on a variety of channels throughout Britain and also can be found online the next day after the end of the draw.

UK Lotto prize breakdown

Recently, the British national lottery has some interesting features: now all of its prizes, except for the Jackpot, are fixed.

Prize option Winning amount
Jackpot Not fixed
5 matched balls + Bonus Ball 1.000.000 Pounds
5 matched balls 1.750 Pounds
4 matched balls 140 Pounds
3 matched balls 30 Pounds
2 matched balls 2 Pounds


How to claim UK Lotto prizes?

If you were lucky enough to become a Jackpot winner, you would need to claim your prize personally. The UK Lotto game results can be found in special “Results” section. Why not to take part in this draw Wednesday morning? Play UK Lotto for the first time and get the second ticket for free.

UK Lotto taxation

UK Lotto prizes, as all other prizes of British national games, are totally tax-free. Although prizes of the lottery are tax free, you should check the tax policy of your country whether there is a taxation of income from winning a lottery. You need to check with your lawyer or a financial specialist if you need to pay taxes in the country the citizenship of which you have.

If you are lucky enough to win, you will get your money by a lump sum payment.

Other popular British lotteries

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User’s review about UK Lotto

Brian, a young Londoner, plays the British lottery every week:

"I often win prizes in the lottery. I’ve never been so lucky as to win the Jackpot, but the smaller prizes of our national lottery are also very tempting. For example, when you match 3 balls (it's very easy to do!), you win 30 pounds."

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