Thunderball UK

The British, like the Americans, are fond of lotteries. British games have a special charm and distinctive features. Thunderball UK is among the most favourite games of British nation. At first glance, it’s easy and can’t offer you a giant Jackpot. However, if you look closely, you will notice that the British game has many advantages and that it’s so beneficial and exciting to take part in it.

About the British lottery Thunderball UK

In 1999, in Britain there was a need for a simple and understandable game with excellent chances of winning, which could be held several times a week. That is how Thunderball UK was created and continues to delight lottery players so far.

Thunderball UK game rules

Despite the fact that Thunderball UK is a simple game with excellent chances to win, two sets of balls are used in the lottery draw. To win the Jackpot, you need to match 5 numbers out of 31 and 1 special number out of 14. The special number is called Thunderball.

How to play Thunderball UK?

If you aren’t a resident of the United Kingdom and you don’t have the opportunity to buy tickets in the lottery’s home country, you can buy Thunderball UK tickets online:

  1. One ticket can consist of several lines, that is, of several potentially winning combinations, each of which may turn out to be lucky. First of all, determine the number of lines in the ticket.
  2. Then select six numbers in each lines. It’s not necessary to pick numbers manually. If it doesn’t matter for you which numbers to choose on the ticket, use the “Easy-Pick” option.
  3. Don’t forget about additional options, such as “Subscription” and “Multiple Drawing”, thanks to which you will be automatically included in the lists of those who will participate in the next few draws.
  4. Pay for the ticket and receive an email notification that a copy of your lottery ticket was added to your user account.


Thunderball UK draw schedule

Thunderball UK draws are more frequent than draws of other weekly lotteries. Players have the opportunity to play Thunderball UK four times a week: on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays at 20:00 (local time).

Thunderball UK prize breakdown

Thunderball UK has a record number of prize divisions, which is not typical for a lottery with such high chances to win. The British game has nine prize options and the prize for a certain number of matched balls is always fixed. Yes, you got it right: Thunderball UK has a fixed Jackpot! It’s very unusual!

How to claim Thunderball UK prizes?

The amount of winnings and how you bought the ticket affect how you collect your winnings. For example, if you play British or any other games online, the manager of the service that you have chosen to play will contact you after winning and advise you on what to do next. In any case, a good solution would be to contact the lottery operator, that is, the company Camelot Group. You can do this either by calling 0333 234 44 33 or 0333 234 50 50.

Thunderball UK taxation

The good news is that Thunderball UK, like other British lotteries, is tax-free. However, you need to check the tax rules in your home country. It’s likely that you will have to pay the federal tax of your home country.

Other popular British lotteries

Thunderball UK is run under the Camelot Group brand along with other English lotteries: UK Lotto (just “Lotto” or “National Lottery”), EuroMillions UK, Lotto HotPicks, Set for Life and local instant lotteries. You can play some of them online.

Find out how to play the fabulous British lottery UK Lotto!

User’s review about Thunderball UK

Austin, a retired auto mechanic, is talking about his experience playing Thunderball UK and other British lotteries:

“I believe that I was born in a lucky family. Ten years ago, my aunt won two million pounds in EuroMillions. I was lucky to hit the Thunderball UK Jackpot twice. I believe that the succession of luck in our family didn’t end there! ”

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