How to Play the Californian Lotto – SuperLotto Plus

SuperLotto Plus is the official lottery of the state of California with the largest number of players in the U.S. Winning numbers of the SuperLotto Plus lottery are drawn every Wednesday and Saturday. Choose the lucky numbers and win the Jackpot.

About the Californian SuperLotto Plus

For the first time, the Californian Super Lotto was introduced in 1986. Unlike other American lottery games held in several states, this game is held only in California.

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The minimum Jackpot is 7 million dollars. If none of the players have matched all five numbers and one MEGA number, then the Jackpot goes to the next drawing.

The potential amount of the main prize in the Californian lotto can accumulate significantly and reach as much as $ 193 million.

Schedule of SuperLotto Plus

There are 2 draws of the Californian Super Lotto a week: on Wednesday and Saturday night. Draws are held at 7:45 p.m. and the results are available for viewing shortly after the end of the draw. The draws take place at the headquarters of the lottery organizers, in Sacramento, and are broadcast on a variety of channels throughout the country.


The Rules of SuperLotto Plus

To participate in the Super Lotto in California, participants need to select five main numbers out of 47, plus a MEGA number from 1 to 27. You can choose the “Easy-Pick” option when the system randomly generates the numbers for you. One playslip can hold up to five draws and you can play as many playslips as you want. Each play costs only a few dollars.

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If you want the same numbers to be played for the next consecutive draws, mark the “Multiple Draw” or the “Subscription” box.

To win the main prize, you will need to match all 6 numbers. But even if you match less than 6 numbers, you can still claim one of the prizes. The chances of winning one of the Californian Super Lotto prizes are 1 out of 49, which is fairly high odds.

If you were lucky enough to become the winner of the Jackpot, then you have two options to get a prize.

  • The prize amount is paid in 29 annual payments.
  • Getting a cash lump sum.

The same principle applies to the Powerball lottery and MegaMillions. The results of the game, as the results of Powerball and MEGA Millions, can be found in the results section.

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