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New Yorkers are keen on lotteries! They enjoy playing national American games like Powerball and MEGA Millions, but most of all they love their local New York Lotto.

On average, according to a 2018 study a New Yorker spends $ 539.63 on lottery tickets per year, while an average American spends only $ 313. The region is fifth in the list of states whose residents play national lotteries most willingly, second only to Massachusetts, West Virginia, Rhode Island, and Delaware. This is not surprising, because New York is a city of millionaires and successful people who are doomed to money and opportunities.

About the American lottery New York Lotto

The American New York Lotto appeared a long time ago, in 1966. The state government created it in response to the request of citizens who wanted to have their own lottery. Most of the proceeds from ticket sales sponsor education. Besides, the lottery is a great way for New Yorkers and tourists to become millionaires.

The only New York Lotto drawback is that if you hit the Jackpot, you won’t be able to remain anonymous. That is, the lottery organizers will be required to publish general information about the winner and place the information in the public domain. Fortunately, if you win the Jackpot in New York, the best lawyers will work for you to protect your privacy. However, maybe you dream of fame and will be happy to participate in talk shows and photo shoots, as well as to give interviews. The choice is yours; the US protects the needs of the individual.

How to play New York Lotto?

The New York Lotto rules are incredibly easy. The game rules involve only one set of 59 numbers. To win the Jackpot, you need to match all six numbers out of fifty-nine. If you match fewer numbers, you’ll still have a prize — New York Lotto has several prize divisions.


If you play New York Lotto on the Internet, several additional options are available for you that will make your play more profitable and convenient:

  1. To get started, select 6 numbers from a set of 59 numbers. We remind you that your ticket can consist of several entries, that is, you can include several 6-digit combinations that can bring you a win in one ticket. The more entries (lines) in the ticket you fill in, the better your winning odds.
  2. You don’t have to choose numbers yourself. You can use the “Easy-Pick” option, with which your lucky numbers will be selected automatically.
  3. If you don’t want to miss a single draw, use the “Subscription” and “Multiple Drawing” options, which will reserve participation in several subsequent draws.
  4. The “Systematic Entry” option will select the most profitable combinations for you, increasing your chances to win.

New York Lotto draw schedule

New York Lotto is a weekly lottery that is held on Wednesdays and Saturdays in New York, at 11:21 PM local time. Lottery results are published shortly after the lottery organizers officially announce them.

New York Lotto prize breakdown

New York Lotto has five prize tiers: you are guaranteed to get a prize for correctly matched 3, 4, 5 and 6 numbers out of 59. Also, there’s another prize tier that helps to win the second largest prize. To win the prize, you need to match 5 numbers out of 59, plus match the bonus number, which is pulled out from the lottery drum after the six main numbers are pulled out from it. Lottery prizes are unfixed and depend on the total prize pool and the number of tickets sold.

The smallest Jackpot you can win in New York Lotto is two million dollars. The amount increases with each draw by 300 thousand or more if no one has won the ultimate prize. The Jackpot can grow up to any amount until someone wins it. The largest prize won in New York Lotto was $ 65 million. The amount was won by an immigrant from Paraguay in 2007.


How to claim New York Lotto prizes?

If you buy New York Lotto tickets online, in case of a big win, your lotto agent manager will contact you and advise you on all issues that may arise. If you buy New York Lotto tickets at one of the official sales points, then you will have to take care of yourself on your own. If you win, you need to contact the Lottery Customer Service Center. Addresses of all customer centers can be found on the official lottery website. Prizes less than $ 600 can be claimed at any official retailer. For advice, contact the New York Lottery Call Center: 518-388-3300.

New York Lotto taxation

All US lotteries are tax deductible. Moreover, in most states you need to pay a double tax — state and federal. You will need to pay income tax on the amount of more than $ 5.000, or if you cannot provide a social security or tax identification number when claiming the prize, you will need to pay tax on the amount of $ 600. The total tax amount depends on several factors. On average, for a non-resident of the United States it’s about 43%.

Other popular American lotteries

Powerball, Lotto America and MEGA Millions are other well-known US national lotteries. People from all over the country can take part in these games. Also, almost every American state has its own lottery.

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User’s review about New York Lotto

For New Yorkers, a lottery is a ritual. Here's what 28-year-old Big Apple lawyer Anthony has to say about this:

“Morning lottery ticket is the same tradition as coffee and fresh press. Every morning I go to a small store nearby to buy a newspaper, a latte and three tickets: Powerball, MEGA Millions and New York Lotto. When I have a lunch break, I check the results using a special app.”

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