The official Lotto Texas: prizes, schedule, results

Each state of the United States is famous for some remarkable lottery. California gave us SuperLotto Plus. In Georgia, the draws of the world-famous game MEGA Millions lotto are held. Powerball takes place in Florida. Texas is famous for Lotto Texas, the game with an easy game matrix and untypical multiplier rules.

How to play Lotto Texas

Lotto Texas lotto has an easy game matrix: in order to make a scoop, you just need to match 6 numbers out of 54. The Texas game, unlike MEGA Millions, Powerball or other complex games, doesn’t have any additional or bonus ball. Lotto Texas lotto guarantees 5 prize divisions ranging from the major prize (also known as the Jackpot) down to two dollars.

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The minimum Jackpot starts at 5 million dollars and continues to increase with each draw. The rollover amount is 250.000 dollars and even more. The Jackpots aren’t that large as of Powerball or MEGA Millions; they can rather be compared with the Jackpots of the South Africa Lotto or the Irish National Lottery. However, they are easy to win. 97 million dollars were once won and that was the largest Lotto Texas Jackpot ever.

Texas Lotto schedule

The draws of Lotto Texas take place each Wednesday and Saturday in the city of Austin, the capital of Texas. To play the game from your country, you need to choose 6 numbers from the range of 54 lotto numbers. In this section, you can find winning numbers for this draw. Prize breakdown Wednesday and Saturday raffles are held at 10:12 pm Central Time.

Lotto Texas game options

Selecting the “Extra!” option, which costs some extra cash per line, will help you multiply your non-jackpot prize. The Lotto Texas multiplier is an untypical kind of multipliers. It doesn’t multiply your prizes by 2, 4 or 5 times, but adds extra $10, $100 or $10.000 to your prize amount (depending on the prize option).

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The game options:

  1. If you wish to try your fate just in one game, pick from 1 to 20 lines in lottery tickets and then pick your lucky lotto numbers.
  2. If you want to cover a few subsequent draws to multiply your winning odds, then choose the “Multiple Draw” or the “Subscription” options.
  3. The possibility of the “System” option to include more than just 6 numbers in your entry will much enhance your winning odds.

The right age to play Lotto Texas

Anyone who is an adult (that is, who is 18 or older) can take part in Lotto of Texas. Even being from outside of the United States, you have a right to take part in the lottery on a par with the locals and have the same options to win.

How to win Lotto Texas

Choose 6 numbers from 1 to 54 using the “Easy Pick” option or selecting your own lotto numbers to win the Jackpot or 4 smaller prizes. Tick the “Extra!” option under the ticket form and get a chance to become super-rich even by matching only 5 numbers. Enjoy the opportunity to scoop a life-changing Jackpot with its infinite growth potential.

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If you want to win big, don’t miss the Lotto Texas lottery prize breakdown, Wednesday and Saturday.

Collecting Your Winnings

The winner of the Jackpot can collect the winnings as a one-time payout of the prize in person. Please check your numbers in the results section, as well as the latest results and breakdown Wednesday and Saturday winners.

Lottery Tax

If you win more than $ 599.50, you must pay an income federal tax in the amount of 30% (applicable for non-residents). No state taxes are applied! Taxes are collected upon the receipt of the winnings.

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