Playing the Loteria Navidad Game: Rules and Features

Loteria Navidad, also known as Sorteo de Navidad or Sorteo Extraordinario de Navidad, is a famous Spanish lottery. It appeared in 1812 and since then it has been held annually for more than 200 years. It’s a favorite of millions of participants from Spain and other countries in the world.

Loteria Navidad Lottery Tickets

The Loteria Navidad tickets have numbers from 00000 to 99999 pre-printed on them. Since the game has become very popular, the number of people willing to participate exceeds the number of tickets. Therefore, the organizers are forced to issue each ticket several times under different series. In total, there are 165 series or even more in the Christmas (and the major!) version of the Spanish game Loteria Nacional.

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The ticket price is a few hundred euros. This is not cheap but players have the opportunity to buy not a full ticket but its 1/10th share for several dozen euros. It’s also possible to purchase tickets together with your friends and relatives splitting the whole price. If the Christmas Lottery ticket is a winning one, then everyone will get an equal share.

Rules and Features of Loteria Navidad

This is an annual lotto that is held on December 22nd. The lottery has the largest pool prize size in the world. The main Jackpot is 4 million euros.

Unlike most lotteries in the world, there are no usual balls in this Christmas lottery. There are two big drums that contain all the tickets purchased. Players do not choose a combination of numbers; they buy tickets that already have a printed combination from 00000 to 99999 on them.

During the drawing, players win if the numbers on their ticket match those drawn from the drum.

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The total prize pool is divided into prize tiers. The draw for all prize tiers lasts for around 3 hours.

Your Odds of Winning

Many are skeptical about lotteries, but Loteria de Navidad is the game with a high probability of win. If you compare it with Euromillions, then your chances of winning the Jackpot increase almost by 116.000 times. Perhaps, that’s why the lottery became extremely popular.

Restrictions for Players

Lottery players cannot be younger than 18 years old. Participating in the draws, you are subject to the laws of your country of residence and the country of the lottery. Please do not break the law, this does not guarantee you the payout of prizes in case of winning the ticket.

Every ticket is made up of 10 shares, which means you can buy a 1/10th share of a ticket. This costs 1/10th of the full price and returns 1/10th of any prize you might win.

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