Austria Lotto

Today European lotteries offer better winning odds and higher prizes. Prizes for these lotteries are so attractive that every player dreams of hitting the Jackpot and claiming it in one of the European countries.

What is Austria Lotto?

The first draw of Austria Lotto was held in 1986 and offered by the Austrian National Lottery association. From now and on it's getting more and more attractive for those who like to play and win.

It’s a traditional 6/45 lottery game and its name explains the rules in a nutshell. To take part in the lotto, you need to pick five regular numbers from 45 and one bonus number from those that are left. As you can see, it’s pretty simple! To hit the Jackpot, you must match all the winning numbers drawn in the game.

Reasons for playing it are plain: you get all chances to become a millionaire for just a small price. Playing online is even more convenient because you get all your winnings accrued straight to your account balance and may use the money in future!

The Austrian Lotto draws take part weekly on Wednesdays and Sundays. The Wednesday draw begins at 17:48 GMT, while the Sunday draw starts at 18:15 GMT. The draw usually doesn’t last long, so you will get your results pretty quickly!

Odds and prizes

The Jackpot of this spectacular lottery starts at €1 million and rolls over from draw to draw until some lucky hits it. Usually, it happens pretty quickly, so Jackpots of this lottery don’t usually grow like Powerball’s. However, it’s worth playing because the small Jackpot is easier to get!


Overall odds of winning any prize in Austria Lotto are 1 in 12. So, in fine with these statistics, you may win once in every of twelve subsequent draws. However, this lottery is unique for its chances to scoop the grand prize — just 1 in 8.145.060!

Austria Lotto has eight prize tiers, where the Tier 1 prize is the Jackpot and the Tier 8 prize is the minimum one — 0+1B. A word about the game's simplicity once again — you really have an opportunity to get the prize of €1,20 for matching the bonus ball alone!

You may see the odds of winning in every prize tier of the Austria Lotto in the table below:

Prize Tier Numbers to match Winning odds
1 All Six Numbers 1:8.145.060
2 Match 5 + Bonus Number 1:1.357.510
3 Match 5 1:35.724
4 Match 4 + Bonus Number 1:14.290
5 Match 4 1:772
6 Match 3 + Bonus Number 1:579
7 Match 3 1:48
8 Bonus Number 1:16
Any prize Any of the above 1:12

Quick Pick option

There is a special option that you may use if you feel that you want to rely on a pure luck. It’s a Quick Pick option, and you will choose all the random numbers in just one click.

By the way, usually residents play tickets with Quick Picks, so it adds even more heat to the game, especially when checking the draw results!


System bet — what’s that?

There’s a plenty of ways to get the most from the entry you make. One of the main lottery rules states that you need to buy more tickets to win big. Partly it’s true because in that case you will try all the possible combinations of numbers in order to find that lucky one.

System bet is a tool — and it’s one of the most effective ones — that will help you to do that. All you need is just choose the numbers you like. With Lotto Agent, you may choose up to 4 additional numbers to your basic combination. That will increase your chances to win exponentially!

After that, numbers will be mixed and tickets will be filled with various combinations created. Any of the winnings you get, will be credited to your Lotto Agent account balance as soon as results are processed.

Also, don’t forget to use these 7 tips to win the lottery — they may help you a lot!

Increasing chances even further — playing with a Subscription

Subscription is an option that allows you to play a specific number of draws with your lucky combination. In short, the more you try, the higher your odds will increase.

You will be taking part in every next draw of Austria Lotto until you decide to cancel the Subscription. Just fill in the lottery ticket, choose the number of draws you’d like to take part in. Success!

The price of a ticket will deduct from your account balance every time before the draw, so all you need is to add funds to your account before the draw and enjoy the game!


It’s all about ever-growing Jackpots!

The Austria Lotto Jackpots are keeping growing. The first record set was €9 million in 2011, and it was broken by a new record of €9,5 million in 2012. These Jackpots are not so high like Powerball’s, but this lottery is worth playing as it’s on a clear trend towards even larger sums to be hit!

We must not forget about the sum of the ticket — just $3,90 for a line. It’s a good chance to win millions instead because Austria Lotto proved itself to have much better odds of hitting the Jackpot than many of its neighbors in Europe.

Today, the Internet changed the way we buy everyday things, and tickets are no exception in that. Earlier, you needed to be present in Austria to buy the ticket yourself, but now you just can enter the site and make a few clicks to enter the draw! Lotto Agent cares for you to have exactly the same feelings and experience as if you are playing the lottery yourself without any help. However, they are always happy to serve you and answer your every question!

As you can see, making an entry is not as difficult as it was previously — not anymore! So, grab your lucky ticket and go towards huge wins!

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