How to Play the Australian Tatts Lotto

The Saturday lottery in Australia is just one of the many lotteries known as Tatts Lotto. The lotto was first held in 1972 and since then it has been broadcast every Saturday. The Jackpot starts at $ 4 million AUD. There are also Superdraws that can bring more than $ 20 million.

How to Play Tatts Lotto

To play Saturday Lotto, players need to choose six winning numbers out of 45. However, not just six, but nine numbers define winners. Two of them are defined additionally during the draw and normally users don’t pick them. During the draw, you win the main prize if you match all 6 numbers out of 45. You can also win a prize if you match as little as 1 or 2 main numbers and 2 additional ones.

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There are several ways to play the Tatts Lotto:

  • A marked entry – you choose the six numbers and the number of draws you want to play.
  • The “Easy-Pick” option – the system randomly generates the numbers for you.
  • The “System” entry – you can pick more numbers from the pool of 45. Choose from 7 to 12 numbers, getting more chances to win several prize tiers.
  • The “Multiple Draw” and the “Subscription” options – you are guaranteed to enter the subsequent draws to your choice with one and the same winning combination.


There are 6 prize divisions. If you don’t win the top prize, you have a chance to become a winner of one of five additional prizes, for which it is required to match at least one of 2 additional numbers plus one ordinary number. The chances of winning the prize in the Australian Saturday night lotto are equal to 1 out of 85, and the chances to get the first division Jackpot are 1 out of 8.145.060.

Schedule of the Lotto

Tatts Lotto is held every Saturday and broadcast live on TV. Players should note that tickets for the game can be purchased until 19:30 on the day of the draw. In case you missed the televised broadcast of the lotto, you can always find the results and distribution of prizes on the official website of the lottery or in the results section on our site. This information is published shortly after the end of the game.

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The largest super prize in the history of the Australian Saturday Lotto is the amount of 47.9 million dollars, won in April 2008.

Paying Taxes on the Winnings

The Saturday Lotto is not taxed like all the other Australian lotteries. However, if you play outside of Australia, you should clarify the tax laws of the country in which you live.

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