How to Play Monday & Wednesday Lotto Australia

The Monday & Wednesday Lotto is held in Australia twice a week, on Monday and Wednesday. You can become a millionaire every week because the guaranteed prize is $ 1 million available for up to 4 players. Match 6 numbers out of 45 and the Jackpot is yours.

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As far as you can guess by checking the game rules, it’s easy to win in Monday & Wednesday Lotto. There are two ways to do that:

  • Take part in each subsequent draw automatically by choosing the following options: the “Multiple Draw” and the “Subscription”.
  • Use the smart winning strategy which has been arranged as a dynamic ticket form. It helps to cover more numbers in one entry (for example, with this option, you will pick not just 6 numbers out of 45, but 7, 8 and even more).


Playing the Monday & Wednesday Lotto

To win the Monday & Wednesday lottery, players must choose six main numbers out of 45. However, two more balls take part in each draw. These balls are additional and are drawn upon a lotto drum after the six major balls.

There are seven prize tiers in the lottery. To win the top prize of the first tier, your entry needs to match all 6 winning numbers in a single draw. You can also win other prizes even if you match only 1 or 2 numbers plus 2 additional numbers.

You can either choose the numbers yourself or use the “Easy-Pick” option, which means the system will automatically generate random numbers for you.

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The Jackpot is won only if you match all six primary numbers. There are also quite impressive rewards for matching five numbers plus one additional number.

Prize Levels, Winning Distributions, and Odds

The Monday & Wednesday lottery has a guaranteed Jackpot of $ 1.000.000. The chances of winning large sums of money are one of 8.145 million. Over special events, the Jackpot amount can reach 20 million Australian dollars or even more.


The chances of matching five primary numbers plus one extra are one to 678.755. The chances of matching five correct numbers are one to 36.689, four winning numbers are one to 733, and three main numbers plus one or two additional ones are one to 297.

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Ways of Playing the Lottery

The Wednesday Lotto drawing gives you a few game options. You can play the lotto in the following ways:

  • Purchase a ticket and select any six numbers you want.
  • Purchase a ticket and use the “Easy-Pick” feature for randomly generated numbers.
  • As we’ve said, you can select the dynamic entry to choose more numbers from the pool of 45 that you can play. If you pick from 7 to 12 numbers, you get more chances of winning multiple prize divisions.
  • Use the above mentioned “Multiple Draw” and “Subscription” options. With them, you can choose how long you want to play. They allow you to select numbers for a draw for the following few weeks.

If you want to win big, it’s better to wait for a special event to play the lotto. They are announced in advance. Check the news regularly to find out if there is something exciting in the coming weeks.

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