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Yes to maths: see games with the best lottery odds!

Calculating winning odds

There are two groups of lottery lovers: the first rely on luck when choosing numbers to enter the draw. Sometimes they use the method which is called “visualization” when they play public games, such as Oz Lotto or EuroJackpot. The method was proved effective, for example, for Cynthia Stafford who scooped an amazing $ 112.000.000 MEGA Millions Jackpot in 2017. Later, the lucky woman described her experience to the Marie Claire magazine. You can Google Cynthia and get inspired by her outstanding fate. As for other players, they call attention to the lottery games which only have the best lottery odds.

Cynthia Stafford with Eva Longoria and Marie Claire magazine

Lottery winner Cynthia Stafford with Eva Longoria

If you are among those who trust in mathematics, not intuition, then read this article to understand how to scoop a Jackpot or a secondary prize by invoking statistics to help. We made a list of games with the best odds of winning.

We would love to share an obvious but often ignored piece of advice with you. Many players are particular about the prize they want to get (we refer to the Jackpot, of course), whereas, it would be a much wiser decision to concentrate on the second important prizes. These prizes are much easier to scoop. Besides, many of them can roll up to a few million dollars or euros. Lotteries with the most massive second-tier prizes are Powerball, MEGA Millions, Loteria Nacional, and SuperEnalotto.

Powerball prize breakdown

Powerball prize breakdown

Games with the best of the best odds of winning any prize

A lot of games offer perfect odds when it comes to hitting any second-tier prize. Check the list below to discover the lottery games with the superior odds if you would love to scoop any amount of money:

  1. Euromillions (1 to 13 overall winning odds)
  2. MEGA Millions (1 to 14.8 overall winning odds)
  3. Powerball (1 to 24.8 overall winning odds)
  4. EuroJackpot (1 to 25 overall winning odds)

As far as you can notice, EuroMillions is the optimal choice to participate in if you would like to hit one of the secondary prizes.

However, you should keep in view that lottery games with the best winning odds usually can offer you comparatively small prizes. If you are hunting for a larger choice, you will have to settle for less alluring odds.

Games with the best of the best odds of winning the Jackpot

If you’re set yourself up to hitting the Major Prize, keep in mind that the more solid the prize pool, the more your winning odds declines. See the list of games below to find out which lottery tickets to purchase to win really big.

  1. Tatts Lotto (1 to 8.145.060 overall winning odds)
  2. Oz Lotto (1 to 45.378.620 overall winning odds)
  3. EuroJackpot (1 to 95.344.000 overall winning odds)
  4. Euromillions (1 to 139.838.000 overall winning odds)
  5. MEGA Millions (1 to 259.890.000 overall winning odds)
  6. Powerball (1 to 292.201.000 overall winning odds)
  7. SuperEnalotto (1 to 622.612.000 overall winning odds)

It’s important to mention: less smashing games provide the better winning odds compared to lotteries that offer much greater Major Prizes (Powerball, MEGA Millions). If you are focused on winning the key prize, pay attention to the games with relatively small prize pools.

Is it possible to improve winning odds? Sure!

There are different features which can help increase the chances to make a scoop. Some of them are offered by lottery organizers, others are created by a lottery site that you use to get lottery tickets with the help of the Internet.

Here is a small portion of them:

  • Increased number of entries. Let’s say, if you play public games with Lotto Agent, you can choose up to 20 lines in the MEGA Millions ticket or in the ticket of any other lottery presented on the site. If you pick the maximum available number of lines, you can dramatically enhance your winning odds. Find out what lotteries have the best lucky chances and pick the increased number of lines in their tickets!
    Lines in lottery ticket and discounts
  • The “Subscription” option. They say practice makes perfect. If you make several attempts to partake in the lottery in several subsequent draws, naturally, your winning odds will increase. Some lottery lovers don’t have enough time to make entries for every lottery draw. Some lottery lovers are just too lazy to do it. Many services offer an effective solution. You can enable the subscription option and ... forget about the need to bet for a while. The system will automatically place an entry and withdraw money from your bank card before every draw in which you will take part.
    Lotto Agent the subscription option
  • The “Multiple Draw” option. This option is much similar to the "Subscription" option, but the money for taking part in lotto drawings will be withdrawn not just before each draw, but only once — the payment is made for the whole range of lotto draws chosen. Now, when you have an idea which lottery has the best odds, you definitely can twice increase your luck by using the “Subscription” of the “Multiple Draw” options.
    Lotto Agent the multiple draw option

If you are not a dreamer, but a down-to-earth person, this article will help you make a successful bet! Get lucky!

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