The art of Numerology: your lucky lottery numbers to play in 2018/19

Balls with lucky numbers are falling down of the drum-machine

Numbers, numbers, numbers… Lotteries are associated with numbers and numerical combinations. Do you want to know your Numerology predictions for 2019? Will it be a lucky year for you? We will reveal your life path number in this article. This is the most advantageous number for you to include into your lucky lottery combination, besides your path number will show the way to follow this year.

The best lotto lucky numbers in 2019

2019 is known as the 3 year (2 + 0 + 1 + 9 = 12; 1 + 2 = 3). You can include it in the majority of your lottery combinations. Year 3 is very important for Numerology. Associated with the trinity, mysticism and symbolism, the year is going to bring a good luck to those who strive to succeed.

Respectively, 2018 is known as the 2 year. This year is less successful for playing lotteries than 2019.

By the way, popular Chinese lucky numbers are also based on Numerology. This nation believes in the magic of numbers.

Your personal path: what are your lucky lottery numbers?

It’s very important to know your personal path number for 2019. It’s able to reveal your destiny for the nearest future. Find lucky numbers in your birthday. In order to find out your personal path number, do the following:

Birth name + birth month + the general number 3 If you have two figures, reduce them to one figure. This is your path number!

Let’s say, your birth date is November 1st. So that, 1 + 11 + 3 = 15. Then, 1 + 5 = 6. 6 is your 2019 path number.

Also, check your Numerology predictions for 2019. Is this year successful for you? Is it the right time to play lotteries?

Life path 1

Life path 1 - your lucky lottery number

Changes, changes, changes! Define your priorities and follow your goal. Listen to your heart and don’t let anyone doubt your choice. You’re number 1 this year!

Your lottery to play: Megamillions

Life path 2

Life path 2 - your lucky lottery number

You have a great influence on your family and friends lives. They trust you and listen to you. The second part of the year is good for changing profession and making use of your skills and talents.

Your lottery to play: Powerball

Life path 3

Life path 3 - your lucky lottery number

It’s time to add some excitement into your daily routine. Be a bit more open to new and spontaneous. This year is an adventure with new perspectives and possibilities.

Your lottery to play: EuroJackpot

Life path 4

Life path 4 - your lucky lottery number

You’re very motivated this year. You will work hard and improve things around you. Nevertheless, you’ll face some obstacles, but will be able to overcome them. Be careful with the decision to change everything in your life and avoid any extremes.

Your lottery to play: EuroMillions

Life path 5

Life path 5 - your lucky lottery number

This will be a very good year for you. You will see all your talents clearly and will be able to succeed in your career. Don’t be afraid to take risks to reach happiness.

Your lottery to play: SuperEnalotto

Life path 6

Life path 6 - your lucky lottery number

This year will be life-changing and reckless for you. The year will start with doubts and fear for the future. Be ready to make decisions and face difficulties. Keep calm. At the end of the year, you will get a reward!

Your lottery to play: Bonoloto

Life path 7

Life path 7 - your lucky lottery number

Patience, reflection and weighted decisions are your good friends in 2019. Put aside anxiety and fears. This will be a calm and good year.

Your lottery to play: Loteria Nacional

Life path 8

Life path 8 - your lucky lottery number

Make a fair assessment of your life. Ask yourself some painful questions this year. Are you happy? Do you like what you are doing? Are you happy with the person you’re living with?

Your lottery to play: Oz Lotto

Life path 9

Life path 9 - your lucky lottery number

You’ll get some frustration and crisis this year. Don’t panic. Such stages of life are very useful in order to better understand yourself.

Your lottery to play: El Gordo

Please write your opinion in the comments! Do you believe in magic of numbers?

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