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Check lottery online: 5 ultimate methods to find out if you’ve won

Powerball video winning numbers

There are a few ways to check lottery online. You use some of them, but you probably know nothing about the others. Meanwhile, there are unusual ways not only to simply and quickly check the results of lottery draws online, but also to check them with the help of your email or mobile phone.

Let's look at the most effective ways to check the results of lottery draws:

Check your lottery ticket on the official website

This is the most reliable and fastest way to check the lotto results. Winning combinations are the first to be published on the official website and you don’t have any doubts about their reliability. However, not all of such sites are easy to use.

Powerball results on the official site

Watch video of lottery draws on YouTube to check lottery numbers online

It’s much more pleasant to watch a colorful video accompanied by enjoyable music and to see with your own eyes how a handsome presenter extracts balls with winning numbers on them from a lotto drum.

Lotto Texas video winning numbers

Check the results section of Lotto Agent

If you take part in several lotteries at once, it’s convenient to watch the results of your favorite lotteries in one place. Such an opportunity is provided by different lottery concierge services, which help you take part in public lotteries online. For example, Lotto Agent not only promptly publishes the latest results of the 20+ British, American, Spanish, Italian and other games, but also provides a number of other useful information:

  • Results archive;
  • Videos of some draws;
  • The number of prize tiers;
  • The number of winners by prize tiers;
  • The amount of all prizes.

You needn’t register on the site to find out the results.

Lotto Agent Powerball draw results

In the “Results” section, there is the information about the most whopping Jackpots by months:

January, 2017 — $ 188.000.000 by MEGA Millions

February, 2017 — $ 403.000.000 by Powerball

March, 2017 — $ 162.000.000 by MEGA Millions

April, 2017 — $ 174.000.000 by MEGA Millions

May, 2017 — $ 275.000.000 by Powerball

June, 2017 — $ 435.000.000 by Powerball

July, 2017 — $ 248.000.000 by MEGA Millions

August, 2017 — $ 700.000.000 by Powerball

September, 2017 — € 177.000.000 by EuroMillions

October, 2017 — $ 191.000.000 by Powerball

November, 2017 — $ 163.000.000 by Powerball

December, 2017 — € 2.380.000.000 by Lotería de Navidad (the general prize pool)

Receive notifications of lotto results by email

Lotto Agent features 20 national lotteries from almost each country where sophisticated lottery players live: Powerball, EuroMillions, EuroJackpot, El Gordo, MEGA Millions, SuperEnalotto, and many others. All players who participate in lottery drawings on this site receive notifications by e-mail. These notifications include information about winning combinations and prizes by each prize tier.

Download the special app on your smartphone to check your lottery ticket online

It’s convenient to check the results of lottery drawings using a special app. For example, an application created by the service Lotto Agent has three functions: a lottery playground, a lottery checker and a tool for reporting fresh Jackpots and important events from the lottery world.

Lotto Agent app to check lotto results

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