What is the best online lottery in the world by Jackpot, odds and prizes?

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There are thousands of lotteries on earth, but only thirty of them deserve your attention. You can find all of them on the site of the international service Lotto Agent, which helps players from different countries to purchase a lottery ticket — or even a few tickets at once — online. Nevertheless, it’s not an easy matter to choose the best lottery even among such a limited number of games. So, which lottery is the best online lottery in the Universe?

Let's take a look at our favorite games from different angles.

Games with the best Jackpot amount

Normally, lottery winners get a few million dollars or euros as a major prize. However, there are games which can boggle your imagination. The most memorable draw, when the phenomenal Jackpot was raffled, was the Powerball draw in January 2016. Three lucky winners shared a half billion dollars.

Do you also like to play big?

Your choice: Powerball, SuperEnalotto Superstar, SuperEnalotto, MEGA Millions.

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“The easier — the better”: games with the best game rules

Normally, in order to hit some money, you’re asked to match several numbers from a certain range. Lotteries with the best winning odds are those in which you need to match just 6 regular numbers out of 49. Such a scheme is considered to be a touchstone and most of the top-of-the-line lottery organizers used it in their games years and years ago. Then, when they started to do their best to distinguish the games from each other, some extra numbers and bonus balls have been added to the habitual set. However, the lotteries "6 out of 49" are still considered to be the gold classics.

Do you always “work smart, not hard”?

Your choice: Bonoloto, Lotto Texas, New Jersey Pick-6.

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“Plan A doesn’t work. I have plan B!”: games with the biggest number of prize divisions

On the one hand, the goal of every lottery lover is to hit the Jackpot. On the other hand, lotteries with huge “Jackpot-like” secondary prizes are also on the limelight. Why? It’s enough to match just several numbers instead of six or seven to get their sweet prizes.

Do you always have a new plan?

Your choice: EuroMillions, EuroJackpot.

Til el Heldig Vinder Hos big EuroJackpot winner

Taxes: games that will save your money

Lottery winnings are considered to be your income, therefore, in some countries tax will be deducted from your prize. However, there are lotteries that are tax-free.

Do you want to receive the whole prize and not to pay income tax?

Your choice: Powerball Australia, Oz Lotto.

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Special pleasure: the game that will surprise you

All lotteries are similar to each other. However, there are special games that will dramatically change your perception of state lotteries. The Spanish public lotteries offer not just one, but a good bunch of — sometimes more than 100! — Jackpots. These Spanish games have totally unique game rules.

Always look for anything special?

Your choice: Loteria Nacional.

Loteria Nacional sales point

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