The best age to win the lottery. PHOTOS of the oldest lottery winners ever

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Lottery winnings inevitably change people’s lives. A person who saved every penny throughout his life, gets the opportunity to travel, buy the most exquisite and quality goods and move to spacious homes without annoying neighbors. Therefore, it’s better to win the lottery at a young or middle age. But what if you are already 80 or more? Can one be too old to hit the Jackpot? No! We'll tell you about the oldest lottery winners who were able to win big in the lucky money lotto.

In 2013, 84-year-old Gloria Mackenzie became a sole winner of one of the most tremendous Jackpots ever in the amount of $ 590.5 million. Three years later, Gloria was invited to a press conference. The winner, who looked well-groomed and refreshed, admitted that thanks to Powerball she had started a "second youth".

Lottery winner Gloria Mackenzie

The most adult lottery winner in recent years is Ervin Smolinski. One year ago, he scooped more than 300 thousand dollars. That time Erwin was already 94. Within several years, the elderly man sent cards to relatives and friends with lottery tickets on them as a birthday present. Erwin's relatives began to do exactly the same: every year Ervin received chocolates and a heap of colorful lottery tickets for birthdays.

Of course, Erwin had won some money before, but he was able to scoop such a huge amount of money for the first time. The winning ticket was given to him by the granddaughter. When Mr. Smolinski learned the lucky money lottery results, he took the case calmly. He has always spent money wisely. So, he isn't going to waste the winnings. Erwin is going to spend them on investments, a comfortable car and a new farm shed. The man is happy that now he will no longer think about money.

Lottery winner Ervin Smolinski

The oldest lottery winner ever is Nguyen Van Het from Vietnam, who in 2010 won 7.6 billion Vietnamese dongs (about 300 thousand dollars). Despite the fact that the man and his family were poor, he spent money he had won in the lucky money lotto on food for all people who lived with him on the same street.

Lottery winner Nguyen Van Het

Some elderly lottery winners regret that they didn’t win earlier. For example, 85-year-old Reginald Smith, who in 2003 won more than two million pounds, said regretfully:

"Of course, it's great that I got this money. But it would be better to win them 20-30 years ago, when I was still young and full of energy."

Why do elderly people often become lottery winners? The matter is that many people perceive lotteries not only as a source of money, but also for other purposes: as entertainment, habitual ritual or hobby. The elderly have a lot of free time, so they can thoroughly and deeply engage in favorite activities.


It's not too late to win a lottery at any age. But the sooner you start pursuing your dream, the better! Moreover, you don’t need to apply any serious efforts for this: you can buy a ticket for Powerball, MEGA Millions, EuroJackpot or other legendary lotteries online. How? Read in our guide!

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