You ask: “How can I win the lottery?“ and “How can I manage big win?” We know the answer!

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You always ask: “How can I win the lottery?” or “What can I do to win the lottery?” Meanwhile, you almost never ask: "How can I deal with the immense amount of money?" It’s not difficult to get ready for having a dizzying fortune if you are a businessmen or a talented investor. But you never can be completely prepared for a lottery win. "It's like the kick in the head," “It’s an utter disaster!” — Lottery winners repeat these words time and again.

Today almost every person in our world is allowed to play the twenty most exciting lotteries on earth. Therefore, the question of how to put away the philosophy of a poor man and accept the matter of fact that wealth is not the privilege of the “corps d'elite”, but the result of the hard work is up-to-date. Today you will learn the answers to the question: what distinguishes a rich man from others?

In this article, we will touch on the subject of the psychological preparation for wealth. Let’s start from the jump.

Step 1: Get out from the poor man philosophy

Reading a newspaper or browsing the news, you can decently often find a story of a guy of luck who scooped a couple of million dollars in a lottery, but he squandered his prize quickly and then completely cursed the day when he bought his first lottery ticket. According to psychologist Stephen Goldbart, any lottery winner experiences a severe crisis of self-identification.

This crisis is sometimes called the "poor man's symptom." A person with the thinking of a poor man, even having won a whopping pot in France Lotto or EuroJackpot, can’t get out of his old mindset. You can check if you are ready for a new social status by passing a quick test. Just read the four statements below. Do you recognize yourself? It’s high time to ring the alarm.

  1. You hardly bear loneliness and depend on public opinion. You consider yourself a "team player".

What will happen when you make a scoop?

Wealth in most cases leads to loneliness to the extent that your familiar circle of contacts will rapidly collapse. Your partner may disappoint you by unexpectedly demonstrating unpleasant traits to you. Your friends will get envious and relatives will demand to spend money on them. Over time, your lifestyle will totally change and you will see how big the gulf between you and your old acquaintances is.

Lee Ryan wasted the six million national lotto win

Lee Ryan wasted the 6 million UK Lotto win.

  1. You buy canned goods, convenience foods and ready-made meals of inferior quality to economize.

What will happen when you make a scoop?

Unfortunately, eating habits are an inheritance that comes from our parents and accompanies us over all our life. If you believe that after winning in any public game you will start eating the zeal food and attend the gym because you will have enough time and money, you deceive yourself. Most likely, you will not only continue eating fast food, but also gain even more dangerous attachments and weaknesses. Your character needs to be formed before you scoop the Jackpot.

  1. If you have spare money, you try to immediately spend it: you urgently need to buy a new TV-set, upgrade your wardrobe or to change your outdated phone. You cannot put away a wage bonus, a gift or a prize; instead you freak out: “I want it now and immediately!”

What will happen when you make a scoop?

People with destructive thinking forget that the earned or won money is not a perishable product that should be immediately spent. This trait of the poor (the desire to immediately squander the win) leads to the fact that soon they are again bankrupt. Winners of the British or Spanish games manage to spend megabucks on designer clothes, accessories, cars and homes, while forget that some of their purchases are taxed and others require expensive maintenance. In a few years they again find themselves on the sidelines of life.

Lottery winner Peter Lavery buys luxury cars

Bus driver Peter Lavery is fond of luxury cars.

  1. You buy only those stuff that you need right now. For example, you won’t buy winter clothes on a summer sale, just because the winter is still far away. You feel it like a disaster to plan and calculate your benefits.

What will happen when you make a scoop?

The ability to find benefits in everyday matters is a step towards skillful investments. “The poor in his soul” person can’t economize and effectively manage even humble amounts of money, which means that he will make several unsuccessful investments and go bankrupt.

Step 2: Set your mind on wealth and luck

This section is about the method which is called "visualization". Visualization doesn’t suit skeptics, but if you are a receptive person with a rich imagination and if you believe in the power of your thoughts, it’s designed specifically for you! It doesn’t matter which game you will choose to take part in. It doesn’t matter, if its winning odds are good or not really. It works if you believe in it.

Lottery winner Cynthia Stafford with celebrities

Cynthia Stafford with celebrities and producers. Cynthia is a producer now.

Cynthia Stafford was a mother of many with low incomes and a lot of problems. To escape from gloomy thoughts, Cynthia began reading books by Professor Joseph Murphy on positive thinking. Maybe you've heard of his book ‘The Secret’. In one of his books, Murphy mentioned about visualization. The young woman decided to try the professor's method and use the power of thought to win the lottery. In May 2007, Stafford scooped $ 112 million in the American national game MEGA Millions.

What does Joseph Murphy say about the opportunity to win big money? Every day you need to imagine the moment in which you win the Jackpot to the smallest detail, including the color of your clothes, the weather on the street and other nuances. Most importantly, the professor insists, you need to radically change your way of thinking. Here is some advice from Joseph Murphy:

  • Make the decision to become rich through the power of your subconscious. Don’t ask: “How can I win the lottery tonight?” or ““How can I win the lottery today?” but say “I’m a lottery winner. I will hit the Jackpot today”. When you ask how you can win the lottery today, you sound insecure. Do not ask, state.
  • Your subconscious mind works better than the conscious one.
  • Who feels rich, he will be rich.
  • Constantly repeat: "My income grows from day to day. I'm making great strides. My wealth is increasing every day."
  • Stay consistent in what you say. If you doubt the correctness of your statement, the positive action of your thoughts will be destroyed.
  • The world of your thoughts and ideas is the root of your well-being. Your ideas can cost millions.
  • Envy and greed are traps underway towards wealth. Rejoice in the happiness and success of your nearest and dearest with all your heart.

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