Oz Lotto and Co: Australian games with perfect odds of winning

Powerball Australia is a popular Australian lottery

"Australian Lotteries" is a popular search query in Google. People love weekly lotteries with good chances of winning. In this article, we will tell you about the most popular Australian game Oz Lotto in more detail. In addition, we will briefly cover the most popular Australian lotteries with the most attractive winning odds in the world. As a bonus, look for information on how to play Australian lotteries online and how to check draw results at the end of the article.

Oz Lotto: the most popular Australian game

Oz Lotto is the most popular lottery among residents of Australia. It’s famous for its incredible winning odds, big Jackpots (the best in Australia!) and simple game rules. It’s a milestone among all Australian lotteries — this is the game that started it all.

What is Oz Lotto?

Oz Lotto was the first national lottery in Australia, being first introduced in 1994. It became popular because of its large Jackpots. The largest Jackpot scooped in Australia was scooped in Oz Lotto — A$111.972.151! The game, as any other game in Australia, isn’t taxed.

How to play Oz Lotto?

To play Oz Lotto, you need to pick 7 numbers out of 45. To win the minimum Oz Lotto prize, you need to match 3 common numbers, as well as one or two supplementary numbers. What is a supplementary number? You may be confused by the presence of additional (supplementary) numbers in the lottery results table. These are two numbers, which are drawn after the major set of 7 numbers is drawn from 45 balls.

Oz Lotto schedule

Oz Lotto drawings always take place at 20:30 (8:30 pm) local time on Tuesdays. If you play Oz Lotto being in Europe or Asia, please note the difference in time zones in your area and in Australia.

Oz Lotto Jackpots and prize breakdown

Oz Lotto has a minimum Jackpot of A$2 million. Unlike in other lotteries, the major prize of Oz Lotto isn’t capped, i.e. it can reach any amount. It hardly ever rolls up to a really huge amount of money as it’s quite easy to catch a windfall. However, Oz Lotto (together with Powerball AU) offers the best Jackpots in Australia. Oz Lotto has 7 prize divisions. The prizes aren’t fixed and can differ from draw to draw.

Prize division
7 Common Balls
6 Common Balls + 1 or 2 Supplementary Balls
6 Common Balls
5 Common Balls + 1 or 2 Supplementary Balls
5 Common Balls
4 Common Balls
3 Common Balls + 1 or 2 Supplementary Balls

Oz Lotto winning odds

If you wish to win any prize in this lotto, then your odds are approximately 1:87. However, the more lines you include in your ticket, the better; if 12 bets are played, your winning odds improve to 1:8!

Prize division Winning odds
Division 1 1:45.379.620
Division 2 1:3.241.401
Division 3 1:180.078
Division 4 1:29.602
Division 5 1:3.430
Division 6 1:154
Division 7 1:87

Oz Lotto is considered the most popular lottery in Australia

Other Australian lotteries

Australian lotteries have one of the best winning odds in the world. The secret lies in a simple game matrix. To win the Jackpot of one of the Australian lotto games, in most cases you need to match only 6 numbers out of 45.

Monday Lotto

Monday Lotto is a national Australian lottery. Its draws are held in Monday at 10 a.m. GMT. It was first presented in the New South Wales in 1979. By 2013 it was expanded to all Australian states. It was earlier known by different names in different states of Australia, but now it’s just a “Monday Lotto”.

To win the minimum prize of this lotto, you need to match one regular ball and one or two supplementary balls. The guaranteed prize pool of the lottery is A$1 million and it can be drawn by up to four winners. If there are more than four Jackpot winners, then the prize of A$ 4 million is split between all of them. To win the Monday Lotto, you need to match six numbers. Odds of winning any prize in Monday Lotto are 1:85.

Wednesday Lotto

Along with the previous lotto we’ve covered, Wednesday Lotto was the only lottery held in the New South Wales until 1994, when the Oz Lotto was introduced. Now it’s famous around the world for its winning odds and simple rules.

Wednesday Lotto has the minimum Jackpot of A$1 million, as well as Monday Lotto. It’s essentially the same with Monday Lotto, so you will get your minimum prize for matching 1 regular ball and 1 or 2 supplementary balls. Odds of winning any prize in this lottery are also 1:85.

The ticket of one of the most popular lotteries in Australia Monday and Wednesday lottery

Saturday Lotto

Did you know that the Saturday Lotto is the oldest lottery in Australia? It really is! First draw of this lottery was held in Victoria in 1972. Earlier it was known by many different names, just like Monday Lotto was, but was named Saturday Lotto to avoid confusion.

Unlike Monday Lotto and Wednesday Lotto, this lottery has the minimum prize pool of $4 million for the Division 1. Also Super Draws of this lottery with the prize pool of A$20 million and over are often held, so players have a chance to scoop a larger Jackpot! Saturday Lotto has winning odds of 1:85, just like its two “relatives”.

Powerball Australia

The Powerball Australia draws are held weekly at Thursday night. To win the minimum prize in this lottery, you need to match 2 regular ball numbers and 1 supplementary ball number. If you wish to win the Jackpot of this lotto, then your odds are 1:134.490.400.

Odds of winning the lottery have greatly improved since the changing of lottery rules in April, 2018. According to these changes from one of the reliable online Australia lottery sites, you can now choose 7 regular ball numbers out of 35 (earlier it was 6/40) and 1 supplementary ball number out of 20. Thus, winning odds of Powerball Australia were improved from 1:78 to 1:44!

Playing Australian lotteries online

If you live in Australia, you can buy tickets of Australian lotteries online. Australian legislation allows tourists to participate in Australian games, but they cannot do it on official lottery websites. They can do this with the help of special machines for selling lottery tickets offline or use one of the intermediary services. is an official lottery retailer which offers lotteries by Tatts, NSW Lotteries, Golden Casket and SA Lotteries operators. On the site, you can play every popular lottery in Australia, join syndicates, get an app, find an official outlet and check out current lottery results. The site is available for Australian citizens only. As different states offer different set of lotteries, change the state after registration. is a major accredited retailer of Australian lotteries. It has been operating for more than 20 years. Oz Lotteries has a convenient lottery app for Android and iOs to play and check lottery results. As TheLott, Oz Lotteries offers a wide range of opportunities for lottery players, such as buying lottery tickets, checking results, playing in syndicates, etc. Oz Lotteries is also available for Australian residents only.

If you don’t live in Australia and can’t use official retailers such as TheLott and Oz Lotteries, you still have an opportunity to buy tickets of Oz Lotto and Powerball Australia online. Lotto Agent is a lottery concierge service, which is able to buy tickets of the best lotteries in the world on your behalf — no matter where you are. Play Australian games displayed in the site: Mon and Wen Lotto (you can also call it Monday and Wednesday Lotto), Saturday Lotto, Oz Lotto and Powerball Australia.

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Apps for checking Australia Lotto Results

The Oz Lotteries app can be unavailable in some regions, however if you wish to check lottery results online, there are some other options for that.

Android application

If you wish to check results of any of the Australian lotteries and Oz Lotto app is not available for you, download the app “Australia Lotto Results (Oz Lotto)” from Google Play for Android. It has the current results of almost any Australian game, including Saturday Lotto, Oz Lotto, Monday & Wednesday Lotto, X Lotto, Powerball Australia, Lotto Strike, Super 66, The Pools and Set For Life. The lottery app has some paid options.

The functionality of the app doesn’t end there. If you choose the same set of numbers in each draw, you can save it in the app and the results will be checked automatically after each draw. You can save up to 26 lines. The app will show you the lottery statistics, including the most drawn and least drawn numbers, which will help you design your own winning strategies. The Oz Lotto app is also able to suggest you randomly picked numbers to take part in the draw.

iOS applications

There is no an official universal application for iOS devices, which would display information about all Australian lotteries. You need to download different applications for different games. If you use iOS, download “Oz Lotto Results”, “Mon and Wed Lotto Results”, “Powerball Australia Results”, “TattsLotto Results” or “Set for Life Results” from the App Store to check the results of the lottery you play.

The official app to check lotto results "Australia Lotto Results"

Summing up

Now we’ve come to the summing up and have to decide which lottery is the best to win. The lottery with the best odds of winning any prize is Powerball Australia. Since changing of rules in Powerball, it has significantly increased in popularity. If you are looking for the best Jackpot, then Oz Lotto will be the best choice for you, as its Jackpot grows faster than any other of the Australian lotteries. But if you are looking for something old and tried-and-true, then choose one of the weekly lotteries — Monday, Wednesday or Saturday. However, all Australian lotteries are held once a week, so you have time to think over your numbers for the next game! Don’t forget to install an application.

Have a nice play! We’re keeping our fingers crossed for you!

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