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Offline or Online? Why it’s better to buy lottery tickets in the Internet

These are all obvious reasons why it is advantageous to buy tickets online

A modern person makes much of his time. He uses gadgets and apps to make life easier. He delegates stuff: cleaning services polish his house, couriers bring goods straight to his door, taxi drivers take him to the office. Not so long ago, services for buying lottery tickets were also included in the list of his frequent services. Most of lottery agents have a lottery checker app, a good-looking site and user friendly customer support who are always ready to help.

These are all obvious reasons why it is advantageous to buy tickets online. But there are reasons you didn't even think about!

It's not really pleasant to stand in line

What can be more exhausting and annoying than standing in line? Only standing in a big line. Have you seen the lines for the MEGA Millions and Powerball superdraws when they raffle huge prizes? Have you seen how many people stand by shops in Italy, not paying attention to the rain and snow, craving to buy a ticket for Loteria Nacional before Christmas? Just see how unhappy these people are. Terrifying sight! Irritated, hungry and sweaty (or frozen/drenched, depending on weather conditions) people are waiting for their turn to buy a piece of paper with precious numbers on it.

People stand in line to buy Powerball tickets

Other lottery fans have realized that it’s better to buy lottery tickets in the Internet, sitting in a comfortable armchair and wrapped in a fluffy plaid. In this case, the price for your ticket can be a bit higher, as you need to pay for the service of a person who will do all the dirty work for you. It’s not free, however, the commission is so meager and the pleasure of buying tickets online is so great that the choice is obvious.

You can spoil the ticket

Some lottery winners handled their lottery tickets quite negligently. One of them won several million dollars. It seemed to him that his lottery ticket was crumpled and untidy to give it to the official game representatives. Then he decided to iron it. The winner several times ran an iron over the lottery ticket and found it out... completely black! The thing is that most tickets are made of thermal paper, so that black letters and figures on them are obtained as a result of heat on paper. The same will happen with this ticket, if left in the sun. It will turn black.

You should never iron your lottery ticket

Another lottery player decided that the freezer is the perfect place to store a winning lottery ticket. The man scooped a decent amount of money before an important trip and didn’t know where to put it for the time of his absence. He didn’t trust any of his relatives, neither his family, nor the bank. Therefore, the lottery winner decided to hide the ticket at home and the freezer compartment of his refrigerator seemed to him the most reliable place to hide something there. The unlucky lottery player came back and found out that his ticket turned completely white. This was due to the effects of reagents and cold on paper. Winning numbers escaped from the ticket!

You shouldn’t put your lottery ticket in the fridge

When it is your good habit to buy lottery tickets with your agent, this will never happen to you. Professionals won’t iron your ticket, store it in the freezer, or feed it to the dog.

Handy tip: Protect your ticket from direct sunlight, temperature drop and water.

You can lose your ticket

Lottery fans are scattered people. They are constantly losing lottery tickets. They could win and earn more if not for their careless attitude towards things. Some of these stories end well. For example, 68-year-old Jimmie Smith lost a winning lottery ticket, but eventually found it in the breast pocket of an old shirt. Fortunately, the shirt just hung in the dressing room and Jimmy didn’t wash it after the day he had bought the ticket. Mr. Smith would have lost $ 24 million. However, other stories end not that positively. People know that but keep losing tickets in pockets and behind sofas.

Jimmie Smith lost his lottery ticket in the pocket

If you get into the habit of getting lottery tickets online, you will always know where your lottery ticket is located. It’s reliably hidden in the safe.

Handy tip: There are cases when people lost lottery tickets, but finally they were able to claim winnings. If you are in the same situation, you need to immediately contact the lottery operator and provide them with the necessary information. If you bought a ticket online, you can provide a scanned copy of the ticket that your agent is obliged to provide to you. If you bought a ticket in a store or in a kiosk, you need to name the exact date, time and place of purchase. It would be perfect if you can provide video from the video surveillance system. However, the best solution is to put your signature on every lottery ticket that you buy.

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You can throw away a lottery ticket by mistake

People often put things in order in their pockets, handbags and bedside tables. They scoop up a lot of pieces of paper, candy wrappers and checks and send them to the trash. Among the discarded papers, lottery tickets are often found. Many of these stories end ok. For example, an American found a lottery ticket in a trash can. When checking it, she discovered that it won one million dollars. As a result, the ticket had to be returned, because the real winner, Sharon Jones, had already informed the lottery operator about the loss.

Someone threw away his lottery ticket

When you buy a lottery ticket with the help of a special concierge service, it won’t only securely store your ticket, but will also provide you with its scanned copy and documents confirming the purchase. You will always be sure that you will get not only the “lottery plus result” service, but much more.

Handy tip: Scan your winning ticket plus make an electronic copy of it and send it to your email. Get the copy of your winning lottery ticket to be stored in the cloud. Google One is number one here.

You can skip the deadline for receiving the prize

Everyone remembers the story in which a couple in love bought a winning lottery ticket, but the guys skipped the deadline of receiving the prize and were left with nothing. The couple sued the lottery organizer for many years, but the last was adamant. The law says that if someone doesn’t claim the Jackpot, the operator sends money to charitable funds.

When buying lottery tickets online, you’ll never skip the draw time and never forget about your entry. Say thanks to notifications. Just install an IOS or Android lottery checker app and enjoy!

Handy tip: Don’t be like a good fellow of these unlucky people and always check the time period during which you can claim a prize. You can track the results in the lottery checker and picker app. It’s extremely convenient. Find the apps in itunes or upload them right from the site of your lottery agent.

  • Powerball: Ticket expiration dates vary from 90 days to one year, depending on the selling jurisdiction.
  • Oz Lotto: You have a period of no longer that 12 weeks from the winning date to claim your winnings.
  • EuroMillions: You have 180 days to make a claim for a ticket.
  • EuroJackpot: In most countries you have 180 days to redeem a EuroJackpot winning ticket.
  • MEGA Millions: It depends on the state where you bought your tickets. The time period for claiming a prize ranges from 180 days to 1 year from the draw date.

We think that the best solution to buy lottery tickets in the modern world is to join a lottery concierge service. It has a nice-looking site and a really convenient lottery app which is the best lottery results checker app and the best lottery picker app.

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