The biggest Jackpots ever drawn in New York

Your most favorite American lotteries are MEGA Millions and Powerball. However, it is worthwhile to look more broadly at the possibilities of the country in which the cherished dreams are fulfilled. New York Lotto is another great American game.

About New York Lotto

Lotteries appeared in America in the 19th century. In 1966, New Yorkers said they wanted to have their own lottery, which the whole world can enjoy now. New York Lotto has great odds, while one line of this amazing game costs only $2. To win in this lottery, you need to match 6 numbers out of 59.

Usually, New York Lotto has small prizes. The jackpot just doesn’t have time and space to grow big. It’s scooped almost each week! However, the American lottery has something to surprise you with.

Another amazing Amarican lottery is... Powerball, of course!

Interesting to know…

Is it possible to win the lottery playing for the first time in your life? Yes, it absolutely is! Mi Hyun Moon scooped $ 5.000.000 in New York Lotto a few years ago.

Mi Hyun Moon is a resident of Korea who came to New York to visit her friends. A 40-year-old mother of two bought a ticket of the American New York Lotto absolutely by accident. Mi Hyun Moon didn’t have small bills to pay commuter bus fare. The woman was looking for some kiosk or small shop to break up the money, but stumbled upon a tent with lottery tickets...

 Mi Hyun Moon won $ 5.000.000 in New York Lotto

Mi Hyun Moon almost threw the winning ticket into the trash, but, fortunately, one day she stumbled upon it and decided to check if it won. “It seemуs to me that I'm still sleeping,” Mi Hong said.

The biggest winners in New York

New Yorkers also play other lotteries. Here is a list of the biggest winnings of the most famous American city.

Harold Diamond won $ 326.000.000

$ 326.000.000 is the largest Jackpot has ever won in New York. It was scooped in 2014 by 80-year-old Harold Diamond, the retired school principal. On the day when the winning lottery ticket was purchased, the future winner was driving back home with his wife. They went to the presidential election in New York and on the way back planned to have dinner at their favorite restaurant. But the storm changed everything.

The game is to win big is MEGA Millions!

The Diamonds decided to stay at the first gas station on their way and wait out the storm there, at the same time having a bite at a local cafe. Harold bought 10 lottery tickets. Then he put them in a purse and... forgot about them until the next day his friends from the cricket club told him how "yesterday a lucky person bought a winning ticket at Valero in New York."

Harold Diamond is the biggest lottery winner in New York

7 colleagues from the construction company, $ 319.000.000

Seven colleagues from the New York construction company played in lotteries together for several years. Finally, they got lucky. The friends bought lottery tickets in turn. Mike Barth, who was lucky enough to get a winning ticket in one of the supermarkets on one lucky day, said he was standing in line at the cash register and paused for a second at the stand with chocolate bars. At that moment, a man stood in front of him and bought a lottery ticket using the option "Easy-Pick". The next ticket turned out to be winning.

Nancy Viola, $ 169.000.000

Do you remember the fever around the Powerball that unfolded in 2016? Then the famous American lottery raffled a half billion dollars. Nancy also succumbed to this fever. When the super prize of the game reached $ 900 million, the housewife asked her husband to buy a ticket. Nancy's husband purchased the tickets of two different lotteries. The second one was winning. The winner says she still can’t believe in her luck and the world now seems surreal to her.

Nancy Viola won $ 169.000.000 in MEGA Millions


How to buy a New York Lotto ticket online

It’s important to purchase a lottery ticket correctly. To do that, you need to fill in an electronic ticket form, which is a digital equivalent of a real ticket which is made of paper and sold in supermarkets and kiosks.

All lottery tickets consist of so-called “lines”. Each line is equivalent to one entry (one lottery combination). Your ticket can be made of 1-25 lines depending on lottery you play. The more lines you choose in the ticket, the better your odds to win any prize.

After that, mark numbers in each line of your lottery ticket. Tips next to ticket lines will give the clue how many numbers to mark in each line. If you don’t have enough time or you’re just lazy, use the “Easy-Pick” option for the random number selection.

Use options for better playing performance:

  • The “Subscription” option. This option will literally reserve participation in several subsequent draws for you. Before each draw, your card will be debited automatically. You can disable the “Subscription” at any time.
  • The “Multiple Draw” option. This option is almost equivalent to the “Subscription”, but there is a small difference between them: money will be debited from your card beforehand for the whole range of lottery draws which you would like to join.
  • The “System” option. The option, based on the popular lottery winning strategy, is designed to increase your winning odds. Normally, you need to mark 6 numbers out of, let’s say, 49 (traditional game set). The “System” gives you a chance to include 7, 8, 9 or even more numbers into your entry.

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