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Nail it: advantages of buying lottery tickets online

A man is buying lottery tickets online

In this guide, we are going to answer the question “Can you buy lotto online?” as well as to tell you why you should do that. Why are we going to focus on this issue? Objectively speaking, lottery gambling is the only way to win big quickly and easily; therefore it’s high time to plunge into the world of Powerball, MEGA Millions, Oz Lotto, and other big games.

Lottery lovers from all over the world prefer American, Australian and European games. Due to the developed culture of gambling in Western countries, one can grow rich having a good habit of taking part in official lotteries twice or thrice a week. You can spend only a week on getting wealthy; other players are able to win in their very first draw. In addition, these lotteries spread extremely large Jackpots, as well as worthy secondary prizes.

Why to play lotteries online?

Here are the main arguments why it’s worth playing American, Australian and European lotteries:

  • Prize pools of all American and European lottos exceed hundreds of millions of dollars and euros. Even the less massive lotto Jackpot is at least several million dollars. For example, the minimal Jackpot of the fabulous American game Powerball is $ 10.000.000; moreover, there is no limit to the maximum amount of its Jackpot. January 2016, the lottery announced 1.6 billion dollars as the major prize. The ultimate prize was shared between three players.
  • There are a lot of games of luck in the US and Europe: from scratch cards to draw lotteries. The most popular of them are "match 6 out of 49". Normally, they are held 2-3 times a week. Special (bonus) balls are added to other lotteries to make regular draws more spectacular and unpredictable. Thumbs up to winning odds!
  • American and European lotteries are perfectly organized: not least because many of them have several prize tiers. It means that even the minimum number of matched balls can make you much richer. For example, the second-tier Powerball prize can reach $ 10.000.000.
  • Many lotteries have additional options, such as the "Multiplier", which can increase the amount of the secondary winning up to 10 times! Many of the European games also have some nice features like additional balls “Complementario” or “Reintegro” or the possibility to even refund the ticket price.
  • The drawings are always transparent: at any time, lottery players can watch the game on TV or on the Internet. All the lotteries have official websites, where you can get acquainted with the official lotto results, view the gallery of winners, and contact support and ask a question.
  • The customer is always right! Since the government acts as the organizer of all American, Spanish, Italian, and English lotteries; their quality, transparency and honesty are monitored to avoid incidents. Such names as Powerball, MEGA Millions, and EuroMillions are always synonymous with quality.

What lotteries can a non-resident take part in?

  • American: Powerball, MEGA Millions, New Jersey Pick-6, SuperLotto Plus, Lotto Texas, New York Lotto
  • Canadian: Lotto 6/49, Quebec 49, Lottario
  • Pan-European: EuroMillions, EuroJackpot
  • Italian: SuperEnalotto, SuperEnalotto Superstar
  • Spanish: Bonoloto, El Gordo, La Primitiva, Loteria Nacional
  • Australian: Powerball Australia, Oz Lotto, Saturday Lotto, Monday & Wednesday Lotto

What are the advantages of buying tickets online?

  • The borders of countries are erased. You can "visit" Australia and America in one day just by buying both Powerball and Oz Lotto.
  • To buy a ticket, you don’t need to leave your house.
  • Your lotto agent will upload a scanned copy of your ticket to your personal account before the draw.
  • You don’t need to watch the results; you’ll receive a notification of winnings by e-mail.
  • In most cases, your winnings will be transferred to your bank account or bank card. Otherwise, your lottery agent will pay for your plane ticket to the country where you’ll be able to claim the Jackpot.
  • You can ask the consultant questions in the life chat. You will get answers to all of them!

Who can’t take part in a foreign lottery online?

  • The Terms of Use of any lottery allow only adult players to participate in foreign lotteries. If you are under 18, you can purchase a lottery ticket online. But problems can arise when the prize is ready to be paid out to you: for example, you won’t be able to set up a bank account that is required to transfer the winnings. In addition, you will embarrass the lottery organizers, who don’t have the authority to pay out winnings to underage players.
  • If you have doubts that you will be given a visa to the state where the lottery is held (for example, if you have large unpaid debts and legal problems), you better refrain from playing. The fact is that large prizes (not only lotto Jackpots) are paid to the winner only in person.

All other players can buy the best American, Australian and European lotteries online! Choose your winning numbers today and get lucky!

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