Lottery winners in April 2018! Who are they? See photos!

Lottery winners in April 2018

Every month, we'll tell you about newcomer lottery winners and the most fascinating winning stories. You’ll be the first to know about the next largest lottery Jackpot in the world. People from all over the world win money almost daily. Residents of Canada, Australia, India, Russia, and France become millionaires each 24 hours. State lotteries change thousands of lives every year, but most of the stories pass by us, as moderate Jackpots aren’t mind-blowing enough. However, the prizes in our compilation of success stories are mind-blowing enough for winners themselves. Let’s have a look at the people whose lives have changed forever.

On March 30, 2018, Richard Wahl from the Americas won $ 533 million. It was the largest American lottery Jackpot in March and the world’s largest lottery Jackpot this spring. In his entire life, 47-year-old Richard bought only two lottery tickets. The second lottery ticket in his life turned out to be the winning one. The man is planning to help his family and friends and also do charity work. First and foremost, he will take care of his mother and his wife's family in Mexico, as well as to do some home improvement. He doesn’t want much for himself: just go on vacation, fix a 1960s Corvette and retire early. Many people have heard of this story, but very few know that in the next thirty days other people also became lottery millionaires.

Lottery winner Richard Wahl

James P., $140.000

This lottery player in the photo is an Uber driver. The man wasn’t eager to disclose his personal data and, frankly speaking, wasn’t willing to be photographed. So we couldn’t find a photo of James in a better quality. James got his first lottery ticket about a month ago from a regular client. The taxi driver won $ 30 and then instantly bought five more lottery tickets for this money. James was winning again and again acquiring more and more lottery tickets. The man started to play at March 18. Some weeks after, he finally succeeded. The prize in the amount of $ 140.000 was claimed by the lucky taxi driver in April. The winner is planning to help his parents and fix up a car. James didn’t quit his job. He dreams of meeting a passenger who once gave him that very first lucky lottery ticket.

Lottery winner James P., an Uber driver

Kim and Susan Gamble, $ 1.000.000

Kim and Susan Gamble is an ordinary family from Canada. There’s nothing unusual or mind-blowing about their win. It’s just a regular everyday story of good luck. The Gambles just bought a Lotto 6/49 ticket at the 7-Eleven supermarket in Dawson Creek. A few days later they heard in the news that a winning lottery ticket had been sold in their area. Kim thought that they could be that lucky players and decided to check the ticket with a special app. "I instantly froze up and was speechless." — the winner said. The Gambles will finally retire, improve housing conditions and will travel around the world without worrying about the sources of finance. This prize is too small in comparison with the largest lottery Jackpot ever (1.6 billion), but it makes sense for this lovely Canadian family. Journalists asked the winners to pose in front of the camera with a huge check. Look into their open faces and see their genuine emotions!

Lottery winners Kim and Susan Gamble

Joe Martin, $ 30.000

Joe Martin and his new girlfriend Dani recently won thirty thousand dollars! They made a quick drive into one of the mini-markets to buy a soda together with an instant lottery ticket. Then the lovers went for a walk in the mountains together with their friends. The boys and girls stopped for a break. When Dani was painting a butterfly, Martin checked the ticket. First he saw “3”. "Cool! I'll get back the money for ticket!" — said he. Then zeros started to appear one by one. Joe was shocked by a huge win, which is now estimated at $ 30.000. The prize has nothing to do with the largest lottery Jackpot in the world, but Joe couldn’t utter a word, but only giggled “like a fool” for the rest of the day. He was totally happy!

Lottery winners Joe Martin and his girlfriend Dani

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