Look who's lucky: 5 lotteries with the largest prizes ever paid!

Information on the largest lottery Jackpot

We’ll be discussing those lucky people who caught the wave and won the lottery. You will find out the information on the largest lottery Jackpot of your favorite lottery that has ever been won. Who knows, maybe you will be the next one to scoop the Jackpot and proudly declare yourself as a lottery winner!

The most popular lotteries in the world – with the largest prizes

  1. MEGA Millions

Let’s begin with the popular MEGA Millions lottery. This lottery always turns players’ heads to its draws because there are huge amounts to be won every time!

First of all, some news for you: a sum of $ 521.000.000 was scooped on March 18. The winning ticket was purchased in the New Jersey state and a winner didn’t go public and show himself (or herself?) yet. According to Jason Kurland, an attorney from New York Law Company, lottery officials of New Jersey can reveal a name and a hometown of the winner. Thus, it’s advised for the winner to hire a financial advisor, an attorney, and an accountant. These people may help the winner to protect his wealth. Check your ticket right now — maybe it’s you who won such a large prize?

We remind you that the largest MEGA Millions Jackpot claimed by a sole person — an amount of $ 536.000.000 for one person — went to a family couple from Indiana. Wayne County is a place where the ticket was sold in. Ironically, a family couple forgot that they had bought a ticket, so it took a while until couple realized that they were winners. According to their representative, they didn’t believe that they had won and refreshed the lottery page to check numbers again. Luckily, In Indiana, it’s allowed not to reveal your personal information to the whole world if you’re a lottery winner!

  1. Powerball

How can you imagine a rating of the largest Jackpots without the largest American lottery Jackpot in the world?

Yes, that’s true — Powerball is the lottery of big prizes. More than 330 players became millionaires with the help of that game this year. Plus, the number of winners is still increasing every draw!

The largest lottery Jackpot in the world was scooped by three lucky players in January 2016. The winners from three states of the US took home more than $ 520.000.000 each after taxes. The Robinsons — Lisa and John — from Tennessee, Munford were the first who broke the news with their win. Maureen Smith and David Kaltschmidt from Florida declared themselves to the world in the next month and claimed their portion of the huge Jackpot. There was a speculation about waiting for the third winner and what happened to the winning ticket, so the emergence of the Acosta family from California finally put an end to it.

The large prize was divided into three parts that day. However, a 53-year-old winner Mavis Wanczyk who was a hospital worker won the largest lottery jackpot ever claimed by a sole winner and that Jackpot contained the largest amount of money scooped by one person! Actually, she called her boss after confirming the fact of winning the lotto and told she wouldn’t come back. We bet that you would probably quit your job after 32 years of working there and finally winning the prize of your life!

  1. EuroMillions

EuroMillions is a European lottery with many prize divisions and large prizes. Its draws are held in more than 10 European countries such as Spain, Luxembourg, Austria, Portugal and many others. However, the lotto has its maximum Jackpot amount that cannot be exceeded — it’s a sum of € 190.000.000. That’s a good amount of money to be won indeed!

The history of the EuroMillions’ winners includes three lucky beggars who’ve finally hit the Superdraw Jackpot and became millionaires. The first large Jackpot like this in the EuroMillions history was scooped in October 2014, by an anonymous winner from Portugal. In 2012 the Bayfords from the United Kingdom capped the Jackpot of € 190.000.000 as well. Adrian Bayford said he always wanted to open a music store, so this dream eventually came true after he had won such a large Jackpot!

However, the Bayfords regretted scooping the Jackpot a few years later as their ordinary life changed once and for all. They’ve since split and live separately. It makes you wonder whether you are ready to get a prize like this and remain who you are… or not?

The third largest prize in this lottery was claimed recently — in October 2017 — in Spain; the prize was claimed by an anonymous winner. The ticket was purchased on Gran Canaria, which is a holiday island. Thus, it’s still unknown whether the winner was a local person or a foreign visitor. Viva España!

  1. EuroJackpot

EuroJackpot is another lottery that has its maximum Jackpot limit of € 90.000.000. EuroJackpot is very popular among the Europeans as well as EuroMillions. Croatia, Iceland, Norway, Germany, Spain, Italy and many others — the list involves more than 15 European countries that participate in this lotto! A period of one year is given to a winner to claim the prize.

The EuroJackpot lottery was launched five years ago and there already were three lucky players to scoop its Jackpot! It even has better winning odds (1:95) that the EuroMillions lottery (1:140)! That’s why these two lotteries are so popular nowadays.

The largest Jackpot of this lottery — € 90,000,000 — was first scooped in October 15th, 2016. The second one was won almost three months later — in January 6th, 2017. And the last Jackpot was capped recently — in February 16th, 2018. The last prize was scooped in Finland — that is where the EuroJackpot lottery draws are usually held.

  1. Lotería Nacional

The last lottery we want to cover in this rating is the national Spanish lottery Lotería Nacional. This lottery is very popular among the Spanish residents. Men and women, boys and girls are waiting for the lottery draw to try their luck. Big queues are standing near the official lotto stocks when a sale of tickets officially begins. Draws of this miraculous lotto are held daily, weekly or monthly. Monthly draws are always attached to some observances or special dates. For example, the February draw was connected with Valentine’s Day celebrated all over the world — San Valentin. Lotería Nacional has the best winnings odds in the world (1 to 3) and allows the player to claim a prize from 12 euros and up to the Jackpot. The odds of scooping the largest prize of the lotto are also high — 1 to 100.000!

Every ticket of this lottery is divided into 10 parts with numbers from 00000 to 99999. The prize is divided equally to every winner, so a player in this lottery receives the prize according to the number of ticket tenths purchased.

The first largest prize of the lottery was capped in 2005. A ticket bought in Catalonia brought its owners a sudden wealth of € 500.000.000; every winner received € 300.000! The second largest prize was scooped in 2010. A ticket in Barcelona won € 414.000.000!

What lottery to choose?

Five lottos covered in this article are the most popular in the whole world. Everybody needs a chance, right? That is why we’ve offered you an opportunity to choose from the most popular and the most profitable lottos today!

Let’s dream a bit. Have you already decided what you will do with such a winning? Will buy a new house for your family? Or a new car? Or you would like to travel around the world, to get to know other countries, cultures, and nationalities?

We support your ideas, but first, you need to learn some helpful tips that surely wouldn’t come amiss for a future lotto winner! You can find them here.

Good luck and have a nice play!

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