Ask a psychologist: 18 tips to those who just won the biggest lottery Jackpot

Three winners split the largest Powerball jackpot

Fancy that you’ve won the biggest lottery Jackpot on earth: let’s say $ 800 million. Do you believe this is unlikely to happen? Hold on, you aren’t the first one to have such an amount in your pocket.

Here are the players who scooped the largest lotto prizes:

Bronze goes to… Gloria MacKenzie.

The 80-year-old woman scooped one of the biggest Jackpots in the world ($ 655.000.000) of the American lottery MEGA Millions in 2012.

Gloria Mackenzie is the biggest sole lottery winner

Silver goes to… Mavis Wanczyk.

The lucky 53-year-old lady scooped $ 758.700.000 in August, 2017. It’s not the biggest lottery Jackpot in the world, but this is the largest prize scooped by a sole winner.

Mavis Wanczyk is the second biggest sole lottery winner

So, what was the biggest lottery jackpot ever won? Gold goes to… John and Lisa Robinson, who shared $ 1.586.400.000 with other lottery players.

Mavis Wanczyk counts her lottery win

As we’ve mentioned, John and Lisa were not the single winners of the immense Powerball Jackpot. However, these lottery lovers agreed to disclose their personality.

Three winners split the largest Powerball jackpot

Of course, any lottery Jackpot can significantly change your life, but don’t dream that you will drink refreshing cocktails on the shores of the azure sea after you buy a mansion on your own island for the rest of your life. Quite the reverse: you’ll have to rack your brains over how to deal with your money wisely.

Here’re some tips on what to do after you scoop a whopping amount of money:

Psychological tips for the lottery winner

  • Try to keep yourself quiet. Don’t tell anyone about your winnings. Whatever the amount of your prize, your lifestyle will change dramatically and you’ll have to get used to it. Relax, breathe deeply and don’t have a loose tongue. It’s of first importance that you maintain confidentiality. Try not to attract unnecessary attention.
  • Change your phone number. You’ll be shocked discovering how many nosy people will try to find out the details of your lotto win. You’ll have to deal with fake financial experts and embarrassing relatives almost each single day. If your friends noticed that your lifestyle and daily routine have changed drastically, admit that you have won some money. But don’t name the exact amount.
  • Numerous financial firms that will start to obtrusively offer you their services are the second reason to remain anonymous. From their point of view, any lottery winner is a "cash cow" which can crop up only once in their lives and which can’t be missed.
  • Support your old relations. You can trust your bosom friends. They were by your hand even when you had only one euro in the feed. However, be wary of new people who will try to wiggle into your favor.
  • Be attentive to your family. Your family was with you long before the Fortune smiled at you. Perhaps, you would love to do something pleasant for your nearest and dearest. However, remember: you still aren’t required to solve their financial problems.
  • Don’t show off and boast. It will irritate people.
  • Try not to let your well-being be the major topic when communicating with friends, relatives and boyfriends/girlfriends.
  • Write in a special notebook everything that you would like to implement or bring to life; what you would like to avoid; how you assess the present situation and imagine the future.
  • Take a grip on yourself. Wastefulness can lead to loss of friends and personal crisis. Buy something that you always craved to possess and go back to your everyday normal life.
  • Remember that happiness can’t be bought. Some of the most prosperous people in the world are unbelievably unhappy.

Lifestyle tips for the lottery winner

  • Allow yourself a humble initial increase in spending. It's time to delete a couple of points from your wish list. Soon you will plunge headlong into boring matters related to documents, taxes, real estate, and investments. But first you must bring some of your cherished dreams to life. Maybe you wish to purchase a helicopter or a horse? However, we are only talking about a couple of points. Be reasonable and don’t spend more money than is not to be spent.
  • Perhaps you don’t need to quit your old job. Yes, you are rich now. But you need some daily business to keep you accurate and busy, as well as to distract you from spending too big amounts of money. Maybe now you'd better choose a part-time job and go on vacation.
  • It’s high time to think over the career of your dreams. A director, an interior designer, a paratrooper, or a school teacher... now you can do whatever you like.
  • Think about going back to university. If study brings you satisfaction, think about some interesting courses. It’s not necessary to go to Sorbonne, Oxford or Harvard. You can choose a local university. The major thing is to make your brains work.
  • Think about financial courses. With their help, you can learn how to better understand the reports of your team of financial advisers.
  • Before you purchase a luxury house with a lot of rooms, think twice. What will be the property taxes? What will be utility bills? How much will it take to keep the house?
  • Do you really need an expensive car? After the first drive its cost drops by 50%.
  • Think about how much money you are able to transfer to charity. By the way, charity can be a lifelong project.

It’s high time to check the current lottery Jackpot! Which lottery? Let’s play Powerball today!

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