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Interview with a lottery expert: “How do I play Powerball? I’ll tell you my secrets”

Interview with a lottery expert

The most frequent lottery questions are: "How do I play Powerball?", "Which game is the best one?" and finally "Do normal people win solid prizes?" We’re always looking for non-trivial answers to these unaltered questions. For this reason, we asked the financial expert Lemmert Teder to unveil some secrets about the most fabulous state lotteries.

— Hi, Lemmert! You say that you play state lotteries. Is it your hobby?

I just love money. There’s nothing embarrassing about this. A decent number of people want to be well-off. If you get a fixed salary, your life can be bearable, but you can hardly live your life to the fullest. I want to seize the day while I'm still healthy. Youth is the best time in my life. I’m not going to waste it. Therefore, people apply irregular solutions that will alter their lives for the better. A state lottery is the only legal way to get much more prosperous in a short time.

— No one can guarantee that you will win the Jackpot. If there is no 100% guarantee, why do people play?

Do you know why I'm a successful person? My motto is “Do everything you’re able to do”. If there’s the slightest chance to approach your dream, you must use it instead of arguing whether it makes sense or not. Maybe it really doesn’t make sense. But being passive doesn’t make sense anyway. Many Americans live up to this principle. America is there a giant number of dollar milliners live. That’s why this country is the state you would love to live in.

— How to choose the lottery to play in? How not to get lost in their diversity?

First, pay attention to the Jackpot amount. It’s important to realize that part of your prize will be allocated on local tax. For example, if you get the Powerball ultimate prize, the US government will deduct 30-45% of your winning amount. Is it a lot? Yes, it is. This is a kind of payment for the access to their national lotteries.

Plus, you still need to pay attention to the format of the game. I like easy lotteries in which you need to match 6 numbers out of 49 or even 6 numbers out of 45. They are the decent choice for beginners. Some lotteries contain additional balls that need to be picked from a separate pool. The first lotteries are easier on their own, but the second have a lot more small and medium prizes, such as "I match 2 balls, get ten bucks” or “I match 5 balls, I get a million". If the lottery has the "Multiplier" option, always use it.

— Which lotteries do you play?

Different ones. For me, the game is not only a source of potential income, but also the source of relaxation and entertainment or even a monetary ritual. I personally like the Spanish game Bonoloto. It’s unpretentious, daily and cheap. It has some additional bonus balls, which help to recover the cost of the ticket. I also play Powerball. It’s impossible to dislike Powerball, you know. This is both a superb game with an incredible prize pool and a business project.

— How do you play Powerball?

How do I play Powerball? I always use the combinations of “hot” and “cold” numbers. I always play with the “Multiplier” option. I play Powerball online.

— How do I play Powerball online? Does the game apply any restrictions?

Just find a reliable concierge service. I enter the main draw, when the announced Powerball Jackpot is bigger than $300 million. With such a helpful service, it’s easy to track the Jackpot amount.

— You mentioned taxes in your answer. Do people have problems with them? For example, what will happen if a player doesn’t file a tax return?

The player doesn’t need to file a tax return. So that he doesn’t forget to pay taxes, it’s easier to deduct them from his winning amount before he claims it. The lottery organizers do so. Often such people, who didn’t have even a hundred dollars in their pocket, win incredible amounts of money. Many of them are unemployed; others are illegal immigrants. Who needs to pursue them and demand to pay taxes? There’s such a guy, Juan Rodriguez. He came to the States from Colombia in 2004, but he wasn’t successful in reaching the American dream. He didn’t even have a residence permit. Then, Juan hit a whopping MEGA Millions Jackpot. There are a lot of people like him in America and Europe who have won a lot of money being totally poor… Oh sorry, I need to go. I never miss the SuperEnalotto draw on Tuesdays! (laughing)

— Thank you, Lemmert!

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