Good guide: How does MEGA Millions work?

Mega Millions lottery ticket

The Jackpot of one of the most advantageous lotteries in the world has rolled up to an amazing amount again. We can say that before each draw, because the smallest Jackpot of the American lottery MEGA Millions surpasses the biggest main prizes of other American and especially European games. Its prize pool is like the monthly budget of a small country. You are lucky, as you can at any time join the draw.

First, these are three funny facts about MEGA Millions to cheer you up!

  • 3 hours in line!

    In the US, there are plenty of official points where you can buy MEGA Millions lottery tickets. These are shops, kiosks, gas stations, etc. People wait for 2-3 hours to purchase a couple of lucky MEGA Millions tickets in the most busiest points. A good solution to avoid queues and crowds is to purchase the MEGA Millions lotto tickets online.

  • “Will you quit your job?”

    It’s a fairly common question asked by job interviewers: If you win MEGA Millions Jackpot, would you keep working? The question is asked because the answer can reveal how little the applicant cares about his work and career.

  • Picking numbers? Gorilla will help!

    Are you choosing lottery numbers to play MEGA Millions right now? Consult Colo, a gorilla who correctly matched the NCAA Final Four results. The primate picks among onions numbered 1 to 56 for the major set and turnips numbered 1 to 46 for the Mega Ball.

How does MEGA Millions work?

Fortunately, you don’t need to stand in line for two-three hours to take part in MEGA Millions! So that, you are in a much more favourable position than the people of the United States. Why not take advantage of this?

Here are a few facts about MEGA Millions:

  • The minimum Jackpot is $40.000.000.
  • The maximum Jackpot isn’t fixed.
  • The multiplier option is Megaplier (X2-5)
  • The Jackpot record is $1.537 billion.
  • The chance of winning the Jackpot is 1:302.575.350.
  • The chances of winning the minimum prize is 1:32.
  • The odds to win any prize is 1:24.
  • The draws are held on Tuesdays and Fridays.
  • Official Website is

How to play MEGA Millions?

Pick 5 common numbers from 1 to 70 and 1 special number from 1 to 25 in each line.

MEGA Millions Prize breakdown

MEGA Millions has 9 prize divisions:

  • 1 special ball matched: your win is $1
  • 1 special ball + 1 common ball matched: your win is $2
  • 1 special ball + 2 common balls matched: your win is $5
  • 3 common balls matched: your win is $5
  • 1 special ball + 3 common balls matched: your win is $50
  • 4 common balls matched: your win is $500
  • 1 special ball + 4 common balls matched: your win is $5.000
  • 5 common balls matched: your win is $1.000.000
  • 1 special ball + 5 common balls matched: your win is a Jackpot!

Please note: MEGA Millions has slightly different game rules in California. There’s no the Multiplier option, which normally is able to multiply your prizes 2-5 times. Also, in California prizes in each prize division (except for the Jackpot) aren’t fixed. All this is due to some state law.

MEGA Millions Payouts

You can choose either a lump sum or annual payouts only if you bought your winning ticket offline. If you play online, only the lump sum option is available for you. Normally, it’s smaller than the claimed Jackpot, besides, you must pay taxes. However, after all money deductions your prize still will be incredible.

The tax amount deducted depends on the state where you buy the MEGA Millions lottery tickets. Read about the tax breakdown in each American state in our article!

Did anyone win MEGA Millions?

Here are one of the biggest MEGA Millions winners by the previous 8 years. These are the people who were not afraid to go public. The largest MEGA Millions Jackpot was scooped in 2018 by the blessed South Carolina woman. The winner hadn’t claimed the prize over a few months after the drawing because she made a research: she hired professionals who pledged to ensure her anonymity and plan her future. What a smart woman!

2010, Steve Mays, 141.000.000 USD

Steve Mays won 141 millions dollars

2011, Jim Mccullar, 190.000.000 USD

Jim Mccullar won 190 millions dollars

2012, Merle & Patricia Butler, 218 600.000

Merle and Patricia Butler won 218.6 million dollars

2013, Lewis Howard, 99 million USD

Lewis Howard won 99 millions dollars

2014, Harold Diamond, 326.000.000 USD

Harold Diamond won 326 millions dollars

2015, Jesus Davila Jr., 265.000.000 USD

Jesus Davila Jr. won 265 millions dollars

2016, Nancy Viola, 169 million USD

Nancy Viola won 169 millions dollars

2017, Patricia Busking, 393 million USD

Patricia Busking won 393 millions dollars

2018, Richard Wahl, 533.000.000 USD

Richard Wahl won 533 millions dollars

Who will be the next biggest MEGA Millions winner in 2019? Who knows. Probably, you!

What if you win the MEGA Millions Jackpot?

First, find out if you’re a winner in the results section or just check your email after the draw. If you bought your ticket online, contact your lotto agent. If you got it in one of the sales points, then contact the lottery organizer in the nearest office.

How to use the Megaplier option?

What is Megaplier? How does it work? Here is the answer! You can multiply any of your MEGA Millions winnings 2-5 times by choosing the option “Multiplier” or “Megaplier”. It costs some money extra to the amount you pay for a lottery ticket. The option is able to multiply all non-Jackpot prizes. The majority of MEGA Millions and Powerball lottery winners, as well as lotto experts recommend to use the multiplier option. This doesn't apply to California, where it’s impossible to choose Multiplier when playing MEGA Millions or other public games.

Want to multiply your MEGA Millions winnings several times? Find out how here!

How to choose lottery numbers right?

There are a lot of MEGA Millions tips and strategies which show good results on the Internet (you can find them all just by searching “MEGA Millions lottery winning strategies” or whatever). They’re able to bring our triumph hour closer. Today we will touch on such an interesting topic as how to choose lottery numbers right.

We often act as we are used to even if it’s ineffective. When we listen to lottery winners interviews, we often hear the phrase: “I chose the birthday dates of my daughters (or any other most drawn lotto numbers) and got lucky!”

In fact, it’s more effective to choose random numbers without reference to certain events, dates, rituals and symbols. A random number generator is your best friend when choosing lottery numbers. Do you want to know why?

Some numbers are bad for playing the lottery

You should avoid some numbers when you play lottery

Worst lottery numbers to pick in MEGA Millions

The most popular lottery numbers won't help you get the Jackpot. Follow our tips to succeed:

  • AVOID: Hot numbers

    Every lottery player knows that there are so-called hot and cold numbers. Hot numbers are those numbers that are drawn more often than others. In other words, they are frequent winning numbers. On the contrary, cold numbers are those numbers that are drawn least often; they are least commonly won. These numbers can be found in the public domain on the Internet.

    It’s believed that the probability to win the lotto increases if you include hot numbers to your bet. However, there’s the far side of the Moon: since these numbers are in the public domain, many people around the world choose them as numbers to bet in MEGA Millions. It’s not proved mathematically that hot numbers can really increase your winning odds, but if a “hot-number” combination wins, you’ll have to share your prize with dozens of people.

  • AVOID: Only even or only odd numbers

    According to statistics, even or odd numbers alone are almost never included in winning combinations. This happens in less than 3% of all winning cases. Normally, winning combinations include both even and odd numbers in the ratio of 50% to 50% or 60% to 40%. Let's see for yourself. Let's take, for example, some random lottery results for MEGA Millions: 15-23-53-65-70 plus 7, 4-24-46-61-70 plus 7, as well as 20-22-39-54-60 plus 18. You see, even and odd numbers combined. The same thing will happen if you have a look at the results of any other lotto.

  • AVOID: Sequences of numbers

    Who likes number sequences? Right, lazy users. Lazy users from all over the world do so. If you are also lazy to think about winning combinations that will bring you millions, just press the “Easy-Pick” button, which will come up a random numeric combination for you. It’s much faster than choosing something like 1-2-3-4-5-6 or 6-7-8-9-10-11. In addition, if you win, you don’t have to share the prize with dozens of other lazy players from around the world.

  • AVOID: Numbers that form figures

    Snakes, Tetris figures, swords and snails... Creative players like stuff like this. Unlike players who choose sequences of numbers when they play MEGA Millions, they like to be eccentric. Despite thinking outside the box, they are still not unique, alas. Pedro, Johns and Ivans from all over the world also show their creative thinking. These players may have the same problems: if they win the Jackpot, it will need to be shared.

  • AVOID: Birthdays, anniversaries, memorable dates

    Each of us has some memorable dates. These are birthdays, anniversaries, special days and so on. Many of us are strongly attached to these numbers. The problem is when you include memorable dates in your lottery combination, you are limited to numbers up to 31. Don’t limit yourself.

  • AVOID: “Lucky” numbers

    Do you know any lucky numbers? We do. These are 3, 5, 7 and 13. People from all over the world include these numbers in their lottery combinations. You should avoid them. These numbers don’t guarantee you the win, they are just a superstition.

Other lottery strategies to win big in MEGA Millions!

Best lottery numbers to pick in MEGA Millions

These are a few tips and strategies to increase your winning odds:

  1. Pick random numbers
  2. Pick cold (most frequent) and hot (least frequent) numbers combined
  3. Pick even and odd numbers combined


Do you think you’re lucky? You never know before you try. You can try your luck right now: just make an entry to reserve your participation in the following MEGA Millions draw.

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