Everything you wanted to know about online lotteries

Online lottery services

Winning online jackpot lottery is just a matter of time. All you need is patience and a couple of your lucky numbers!

Nowadays technology has leaped forward, so you are suggested to play lotteries from all over the world online. You can take part in a single draw of any lottery even being on a huge distance from country where it’s held!

It’s reported that a number of people who play online lotteries is well over 45 millions. But why these online lottery sites are so popular? Let’s find it out.

What the online lotto site is?

Big lottery sites, like the Lotto Agent or TheLotter that are known all over the world, offer services for the lotto tickets purchase. They have agents all over the world to buy tickets for their customers. All tickets are bought in the official lottery sales stock, so you can be at ease in the legality of tickets’ purchase.

First you need to register on the site. You will have Personal Account where all your entries will be placed after confirmation and where you can see all payments you’ve made earlier. You can make deposit to your account to buy tickets later.

Usually a variety of lotteries is provided on lottery sites. Choose any lottery you like: from Italian SuperEnalotto to the US Powerball! Then fill into the form of the ticket and pay for it. Get the confirmation letter of your entry and await until the draw takes place. For example, the Lotto Agent site provides information on the exact time of the draw on the lotto page in its description. This may help you to understand when the lotto draw takes place. There are also published information on state or city where the draw is held.

If you wish to get fresh information on special offers and big jackpots that are being drawn tonight, simply subscribe to the site’s email newsletter. It will help you to stay informed of what’s going on in the world of lotteries.

Results of the draw are usually sent to user’s email. Nevertheless, using the site map may help users to find out the previous results of the lotto. You can search for results by date of the draw.

Pros and cons of online lottery sites


  • Online lotteries save you oodles of time. You do not need to go to the lotto sale stock to buy a ticket (or to travel to the country of lottery). Just choose the lotto on the site, fill in the ticket and simply wait for results!
  • Simplicity of use. Most sites have user friendly interface that is easy to understand and enjoyable to play.
  • Informativeness. Every site has information on the lottery and it makes the lottery most appealing to user if one knows its background.
  • Comfort also plays crucial role for choosing online lottos. It means staying at home with a cup of coffee and making an entry without leaving the comfort of one’s home.
  • Notifications. You get notified of all actions with your entries by email. There is no need to search for official lotto sites to find the draw results because you get personally notified of them. You also receive each post of the site’s newsletter. Thus, you are always informed of what’s going on with your entries and prizes!
  • All kinds of your personal information are highly confidential and secure. Verified lottery sites are absolutely secure to make payments. Your personal and payment data is hidden from third parties. Such sites always give credibility to their users, granting sense of absolute safety.
  • Attentive on-line support. Live chat support assistants are always ready to help user how to buy lottery online if you want to win the Jackpot, to guide through the foreign alleyways of lottery rules and resolve any problem that user may face.
  • Mobile applications. Some sites have their own mobile applications. Mobile applications make it easier for you to make entry even on your way home or at the public place. It’s especially comfortable if you do not have access to your laptop right now.


  • The original ticket. You are making an entry and the ticket is bought for you by special lottery agents. Though it is locked in an absolutely safe place until you come to get it (if you play and win a large sum of money, for example), you may feel worried about it.

Top 5 American lotteries you’ve always wanted to try

Here is the list of the most popular American lotteries. They all have different Jackpots and slightly different rules. Nevertheless, they are worth taking part in. Who knows, maybe you will finally scoop the US lottery Jackpot online tonight!

1. Powerball is the most popular American lotto was operated since the re-branding of the Lotto America in 1992. The first draw of this popular lotto was held on 22th of April, 1992 and now its tickets are sold in more than 40 states in America.

Choose 5 digits of 69 and 1 digit of 26 as a special one that is called Powerball. Draws are always held on Wednesdays and Saturdays at 10:59 p.m. ET. Minimum Jackpot for this lottery begins at the mark of $40 million.

The largest Jackpot won: a sum of $1,58 billion was shared among three winners in July, 2017.

2. Rules of SuperLotto Plus lotto are similar with the MEGA Millions’. Player chooses 5 digits for regular balls and 1 special number. At the very beginning this lottery was known as California Super Lotto. Its name was changed to the one we all know so well in 2000.

Games of this lottery started on 3th of October, 1985. The Jackpot starts from a mark of $7 million. The lottery usually drawn on Wednesdays and Saturdays at 7:45 p.m. ET.
SuperLotto Plus also offers the player to take part in the second draw and to win $15,000! This opportunity is called “2nd Chance” and its draw is held weekly.

The largest Jackpot won: $193 millions. That huge sum was scooped on 16th of February and divided into three parts. Winners got more than $30 million each.

3. Another American popular lottery that won hearts of players all over the world is MEGA Millions. Its initial draw took place in the fall of 1996 in six states of the country.

Jackpots of this lottery usually start at $15 million. To scoop the Jackpot players need to pick 5 regular ball digits and 1 special ball digit. 70 regular balls and 25 special balls are drawn in this legendary lotto.

The largest Jackpot won: $656 million Jackpot was shared among three winners from Kansas, Maryland and Illinois on March 30, 2012.

4. Florida Lotto is another wonderful lottery from the sunny Florida. It has simple rules and big Jackpots waiting for players to get them! The lottery started in 1988, and the minimum Jackpot was stated on $2 millions.

To take part in the lottery, you should choose 6 numbers of 53 and then wait until the draw takes place. Usually draws of this brilliant lotto are held on Wednesdays and Saturdays, as well as the other popular lotteries of this country. Florida Lotto has 5 prize categories.

The largest Jackpot won: Maureen Smith and David Kaltschmidt claimed their shares of the huge Jackpot amount of $1,6 billion. They bought the winning ticket at the Publix supermarket. And it brought them such a huge luck!

5. New York Lotto is the last lotto in the list we would like to introduce to you as the greatest and most popular one. The New York Lotto is actually a part of NY State Gaming Commission and provides revenues for public education. Since that time more than $29 billions were made in order to sustain the education all over the country.

The initial game of the this government-run lottery took place in 1967. Choose six numbers from 59 and wait for the New York Lotto draw. They are held on Wednesdays and Saturdays, as well as the other popular American lotteries.

In this draw another ball is also taken. This special ball is used only in one combination - 5+1 - that’s the second prize after the Jackpot.

The largest Jackpot won: the Jackpot of $326 million was won by a retired school principal. This Jackpot had the largest sum ever won by a single person in New York.

As you can see, online lotteries are a perfect choice for those who value their time and want to enjoy playing the lotto at its fullest. You can also enjoy the free play option that is provided on some lotto sites. It means that you get the second ticket for free after making your first entry. Do not miss an opportunity to become one of the first online Jackpot winners of lottery you like! The lucky’s the one who plays lotteries online these days!

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