EuroMillions: who’s the winner and how to get rid of pals when rich?

The pan-European lottery EuroMillions declared about the Jackpot winner

The EuroMillions is a pan-European lottery which draws are held twice a week — Tuesdays and Fridays — as you all may know. One of these draws was held on Friday, May 11th. Somebody was lucky enough to scoop the Jackpot of £36M at that day, so it makes people wondering of who won the Euro lottery?

Who’s the winner?

The person who won the Euro lottery last week matched five numbers and two Lucky Stars — a combination that makes turned a player into a winner. Though matching two numbers is also enough to receive a prize. The thing is, the European lotteries offer players a lot of prize combinations to increase winning odds — that’s why they are so popular around the world! Price of the ticket is only £2.5 for a line — a truly beneficial purchase, especially considering surprises it may bring to its owner one day!

But let’s get back to the person who won the Euro lottery on Friday. The winning ticket was bought in the UK. According to The National Lottery, an organization that controls lotteries in this country, “this draw was truly amazing for the UK players”. And it’s true indeed, as the National Lottery helped more than 5.000 ordinary people to become millionaires over 23 years!

The drawn numbers were 17, 25, 35, 39, 44 and Lucky Stars 2 and 5. This combination brought the ticket owner a staggering sum of £36.3M, which he has to claim for less than 5 months! There were also 10 people who won the euro lottery on Friday. They all claimed £1M each and got a private yacht getaway after this Mega Friday draw!

One of the winners’ advisors from the National Lottery is visiting the one who won the euro lottery last night in order to confirm the fact of winning the Jackpot. And there’s a good part of winning the prize in this country. Luckily, in the UK those who won the Euro lottery may decide whether to disclose their personality or to remain anonymous. And the lucky winner will be the one to fall into this category!

Unfortunately, not in all countries, winners’ sides are taken care of; so many winners can’t remain anonymous. It makes things even harder for winners because they can’t hide nowhere from beggars and scammers. You will agree that this might be quite hard psychologically to deal with people like those who have the credo “This winner got a huge amount of money so that I can ask for a little part of his winnings”.

Tips for those who won the lottery

The GoBigWin team is going to prepare you for receiving such a large prize and live a long and happy life with it! Here are some hints for you to use after claiming a large prize. If you follow them, nobody will ever disturb or irritate you!

  1. Don’t tell anyone that you’ve won. You know, nobody likes extra attention. It irritates and makes you nervous. Let only trusted ones know about your winning, but be prepared for beggars.
  2. If you received a really big prize, you may decide to quit your job. However, many winners are still working just to keep themselves busy. This is a good idea because a lazy life will make you bored some months or years after, besides it’s very dangerous to live an idle life when you are rich. Why? Because you can waste pretty big part of your winnings for the things you may not even need! An extra salary can be useful for creating a savings account to double up your earnings and leaving some funds for your children.
  3. Delete all your social accounts. We understand that this might be cool to show everybody how good you live with your large prize is. But this is not true. Unfortunately, beggars will always leave comments on your posts begging for money. You won’t be able to ignore them and after some time you will be tired of messages and all this extra attention.
  4. Be ready that some of your friends and relatives will tell you that they are eligible for a part of your prize. Declining to relatives is a very tough question. First of all, these people are everything that you have and no friends will replace them. Nevertheless, you are the one who received the prize, so you can manage it yourself. Thus, it’s up to you whether to give them what they want or not.
  5. Get rid of all “temporary friends” who want to live a good life at your expense. Yes, there will be lots of these people called “temporary friends”. They will be with you as soon as you have your money and will leave soon after all funds are gone. Be careful and surround yourself with only the trusted ones!
  6. Change your residence. If your prize allows you to move, then you are highly advised to do this. Choose a quiet place as you can, because this will help you to rest and decide on what to do next, to plan your next moves. Remember that one impulsive action can ruin everything, so it’s your concentration that is needed to be happy!

We bet that you will be that person to scoop the Jackpot soon and newspapers will be looking for the person “who won the euro lottery this week”!

Hopefully, these small hints will help you to stay cool after winning a prize. Maybe you have a great story of your big winning and want to share your own strategy of happiness with us? Add a comment above!

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