EuroMillions: 8 interesting facts, 1 interview and the FAQ

Colin and Chris Weir EuroMillions winners

The pan-European lottery EuroMillions holds a unique position among other games. The word "pan-European" means "uniform for several European countries". This is one of the advantages of EuroMillions: several states form its prize pool. That’s why its ultimate prize is so big. So, how much is EuroMillions Jackpot today? It can range from 17 to 190 million euros! Isn’t it impressive?

We already wrote about EuroMillions here. In this article, we’re going to tell you some interesting, amazing and funny facts about the game, as well as to publish the interview with a lottery winner and answer some essential questions.

Interesting facts about EuroMillions

  • EuroMillions has two major advantages. The first one is that its winning odds are 1 to 13. Also, the lottery has 13 prize tiers and this is an all-time record. Just compare: an average lottery has only 5 or 6 prize divisions. What does it mean? You will get a prize even when matched two numbers. The prize increases with each subsequent prize tier.
  • EuroMillions draws are held in Paris. The first draw was held in 2004. Only three countries took part in it: France, Spain and the United Kingdom. EuroMillions had been getting so popular that more and more European countries joined it over time.
  • Twice a year EuroMillions gives away a Super Draw with a guaranteed Jackpot of € 100.000.000. This is a significant event that attracts a huge number of players from all over the world.
  • If you win EuroMillions, you can stay anonymous.
  • € 185.000.000 is the largest EuroMillions Jackpot the winners of which decided to reveal anonymity. It has been scooped by Colin and Chris Weir from the UK (on the photo). After the win, the couple was included in the list of the richest people in the United Kingdom.
  • The most successful fans of this game live in France. The residence of this country was able to win the total amount of money that is equal to more than two billion dollars.
  • In 2012, an Englishman won € 63.8 million. However, the man didn't claim the prize. This amount has become the largest unclaimed prize in Europe. EuroMillions donated the money to the charity fund.
  • In the same 2012, one Jackpot was scooped by 100 people. The ultimate prize was shared between all of them.

The story of big win

Normally, lottery winners don’t like to talk much about their life, except for Matt Myles, a 30-year-old EuroMillions winner from the UK. He interacts with journalists and engages over Twitter and Instagram willingly.

Recently, Matt and his girlfriend Stacy went to India to celebrate the anniversary of the big win. After that, they went on a round-the-world trip. Before the trip, Matt gave an interview to the official representatives of UK Lotto.

Matt Myles lottery winner

Let's find out how the lottery winner is doing now and how the tremendous windfall has changed his life.

Two days before the trip. How do you feel?

Awesome. We fly to Delhi in the morning. I’m exhausted with impatience.

Matt Myles lottery winner and his girlfriend

Matt Myles lottery winner travel picture

By the way, congrats on the anniversary!

Thanks. Every year, I celebrate the anniversary in a special way. In the first year, I went to Dubai. In the past year, I bought a car. This year, I will bring my family and friends together in the very cafe where we celebrated my lottery win. After that, we together with the girl I love will start our a world trip. It's so strange to recall 2014. No one slept that night. Tremendous flashback…

Matt Myles lottery winner and Stacy

Matt Myles lottery winner world trip photo

Your route is terrific: India, China, Japan, Southeast Asia, Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, USA, and South America. The number and diversity of countries is tremendous. Was it difficult to plan everything?

When I turned 30, I decided that I would spend this year traveling. My girlfriend works with children in the National Health Service. This is a very responsible job. A couple of days ago she got a leave and we made a route with a list of places that we want to see in every country. We’re already dying of impatience.

Matt Myles lottery winner and a monk

What do you want to see most?

I was fortunate enough to have a rest in Bali and Thailand already, but I was in Australia only for business purposes. Now I dream to spend a vacation there. Also, I can’t wait to see some places of the Southeast Asia, such as Vietnam. I think the Philippines must be cool. We’ll spend Christmas in Sydney. We’re so happy!

Matt Myles lottery winner having fun

Are you going to stay in 5-star hotels and stuff?

No, this tour will be low-cost. We will take backpacks and stay at hostels so that I can get the right tourist experience.

Matt Myles lottery winner and football match

Matt Myles lottery winner and market


Here’s short EuroMillions FAQ:

  • Can I play EuroMillions online?

Yes. You can buy tickets here.

  • Can I buy EuroMillions ticket if I’m not a resident of Spain/France/UK?

You can play EuroMillions from any country in the world.

  • How much is average EuroMillions Jackpot?

It ranges from 17 to 190 million euros.

  • How much is EuroMillions Jackpot this Friday?

Please check the Jackpot amount here. It grows with each draw if there was no winner in the previous game and can reach 190.000.000 euros.

  • How much is to play EuroMillions? How much is a EuroMillions ticket?

EuroMillions costs £ 2.50 a line today. If you’re going to play the game online, the ticket price will be slightly higher.

  • How much is the EuroMillions tonight?

Today you have a great opportunity to play with discounts. To do this, you need to either a) select more than two lines in the ticket or b) use the options "Multiple Draw" and "Subscription" to choose from or c) select the dynamic ticket form. However, if you want just one line, pick it!

  • Lottery winnings, how much?

The game has 13 prize divisions. You can win from 2 euros up to 190 million euros.

  • How to check the results?

If you play online, you can check your account to find out if you have won. Also, winning numbers are displayed in the results section.

  • Is there a way to collect my winnings remotely if I play online?

Yes, but only average and small ones. The rest of the prizes you should claim in person.

  • Is EuroMillions a subject to tax?

Yes, you have to pay taxes. The tax amount depends on the country where the ticket was purchased. As we already mentioned, EuroMillions is a pan-European game. Its tickets can be purchased in many European countries.

  • What is the EuroMillions Superdraw date? When is the next Superdraw?

EuroMillions Superdraws are held to celebrate essential anniversaries, dates and events. It’s difficult to predict the next draw date.

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