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Choosing the best winning strategy for Fantasy 5

Florida's Fantasy 5 lottery

Today everyone is talking about the most popular American lotteries, like MEGA Millions or Powerball. But right now we would like to talk about some other popular lotteries in this country. Let’s start with Florida’s Fantasy 5. Moreover, we will guide you on how to win fantasy 5 lottery — and introduce its best strategies!

A few words on Fantasy 5 lotto: rules & features

Tickets of this lottery cost just $1. A player chooses five numbers from 1 to 36 (1-41 in Arizona, 1-39 in Michigan and California, 1-42 in Georgia) and gets an opportunity to hit a Jackpot of $200,000 in each game!

If you don’t want to choose numbers, a computer can make it for you. For those who buy a ticket in Arizona, the “XTRA!” option that doubles winnings is also available.

The Jackpot of around $200,000 is drawn in every draw and if there is no a top-prize winner, the prize rolls down to next prize categories and is shared between those who matched 4 numbers out of 5 or 3 numbers out of 5!

Another great feature of this lotto is an instant draw called EZmatch. You may choose it for one line only or more (if you buy the ticket with many lines, for example). One play of EZmatch costs just $1 and allows you to win up to $500 at once. The winning odds of this game are incredible — 1:4.71 for winning any prize!

And the last significant feature of this lottery is that its draws are held seven days a week. This adds some spice to a play, because you may try your luck every day and choose your own strategy of a play while picking Fantasy five numbers!

How to win Fantasy 5

The lottery has just four prize categories: 2, 3, 4 and 5, depending on the number of balls matched. You may always get the “Free ticket” bonus by matching just two numbers. Seems easy, doesn’t it? Especially when the winning odds are so attractive — just 1:7.58 for any prize and 1:376,992 for the main prize!

To win Fantasy 5, you should match all 5 numbers… or 4 if there are no Jackpot winners. So, as you can see, there are several ways to win Fantasy 5!

Hot and cold numbers

There are cold and hot numbers in any lottery. Hot numbers are those that recently appeared and won’t appear for a while; frequently used numbers. Cold numbers are numbers that were not drawn for a while; rarely drawn numbers. One of the ways is to choose some of the cold numbers and hot ones together; the scheme will look like: pick 1-2 cold numbers and 3-4 hot numbers. This is the most common Fantasy 5 strategy. This strategy is so popular because there is a chance of at least one hot number to be drawn again.

GoBigWin carried out a special research on Fantasy Five’s most common numbers to pick; these are 1, 11, 27, 28, and 32.

Another strategy suggests choosing numbers not by their frequency, but by the time they were not drawn. For example, number 8 was last drawn 16 days ago, whereas, number 27 was drawn 19 days ago!

You are welcome to choose one of the strategies described above or suggest your own. Have you won a significant prize with your strategy? Tell us your story in the comments!

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