Choosing the best UK lottery for you

Best lottery to play in the UK

We will continue introducing you the best lotteries from around the world. Today we are going to show you the best UK Lottos and lottos which are played in the UK that proved to be the best in the world.

The lottery involves a high level of risk along with a low level of strategy; it’s the game of a chance when you don’t really know what numbers will be drawn. Then why is it so popular? The answer is simple: because of large money amounts that inevitably change the lives of winners forever.

Today, every lottery player can choose from lotteries of different countries and you are offered the whole lottery world — choose what you like!

The GoBigWin team made a research “Which lottery has the best winning odds in the United Kingdom?” and if you question yourself what lottery ticket to buy, then this article is for you. Here we go — to explore the world of UK Lotto!

Choosing the best lottery to play in the UK in 2018

1. Mini Lotto

It’s a little-known lotto from Poland (also very cheap one, just 25p for one line). Its Jackpots may not be so large (around 50,000), because it’s a small version of the main Poland’s lotto. However, it has the largest winning odds around! Draws of this lottery are held six days a week (just like the Spanish BonoLoto).

2. Irish Lotto

Irish Lotto is a national lottery of the Republic of Ireland. The first draw of this lottery game took place in March 1988. This lotto is aimed to help raise funds for good deals, such as sports, national recreation, health, national heritage, the Irish language, and the natural environment and so on.

Currently, Irish Lotto is a 6/47 lotto with an additional “bonus” ball. This small lottery has a minimum Jackpot of £2 million that rolls over until it’s won. Odds of winning in this lotto are 1 in 29. If you are after a large Jackpot, then this lotto may be your best choice!

By the way, the odds of winning the Jackpot in this lottery are 1:10,737,573.

3. UK Lotto

The National Lottery offers you a wide range of lotteries, but the UK Lotto is the best one. This lottery offers players the best Jackpots and the largest prizes. Not so long ago ten new numbers were added to this lotto, making winning odds slimmer. Earlier you may have had chances of 1 to approximately 14,000,000 of winning the Jackpot, but now your chances are 1:45,000,000.

What lottery organizers say to it? They say that in each draw they have a guaranteed millionaire and 20 more prizes of £20,000 each. Seems attractive, doesn’t it? That is why this lotto has growing popularity even if its winning odds became worse — you still have nice chances to win!

4. EuroMillions

Draws of this lottery are held across Europe and take place in more than 16 countries. We’ve been talking about it some time ago, but we need to say few words about it within this topic.

First, this lottery offers the largest amount of prize categories than any other lottery does. However, every lottery must have its drawbacks, right? That is why this lottery has the smallest winning odds for winning the Jackpot — something like 116 million to one. Though, it’s important to note that you still have 1:13 chances of winning any prize in this lotto!

5. France Lotto

The last lottery we are going to introduce today is France Lotto. This lotto has a minimum Jackpot of €2 million which rolls over by one million each time when Jackpot is not won.

France Lotto winning odds are incredible — 1:6 of winning any prize and its tickets don’t cost much. Its odds of winning any prize are still 1:19,000,000. These odds are better than the 1:116,500,000 of EuroMillions!

So, which lottery to choose?

Here we come to the toughest question: which lotto to choose? Every lottery has its own benefits and drawbacks. The answer is simple: choose what you really want!

If winning odds are really important for you, then France Lotto, Mini Lotto and EuroMillions may be your perfect choice. If you are after high Jackpots, then EuroMillions and Irish Lotto are for you. If you are a lotto lover, who doesn’t miss an opportunity to play lotto with many prize divisions and the “second chance” draws, then you would like EuroMillions and UK Lotto! All in all, the choice is yours.

Maybe you know any other lotteries with decent winning odds, big Jackpots or lots of prize tiers? Or, maybe you know a good UK lottery to play online? Leave a comment!

And — as usual — good luck in the game!

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