Choosing a reliable lottery site together! Which one is the best?

TheLotter vs. Lotto Agent

Playing lotteries online is getting more and more popular nowadays. This isn’t surprising, because playing lotteries online saves you oodles of time, which you may spend on something that is really important for you. You can make an entry on one of the best lottery sites in five minutes and just wait for the draw results spending time with your family and doing something you like, like fishing or reading.

Earlier we have covered an issue of playing lotteries online, describing its pros and cons. It turned out, that using online services is a convenient way of playing lotteries, because you don’t have to go out and waste your time in lines of people who want to play as well. Just imagine that you may win millions for your life just with the help of your phone!

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But you need to be aware of lottery scams, whose high goal is to get your money and escape. Thus, today we’ll tell you about the two best online lottery sites that work for many years and that are called reliable ones.

We’ll evaluate these lottery sites by the next criteria: a number of lotteries provided on the site, informativity (e.g. newsletters or/and the site blog), the number of different shares and offers. We think that these criteria will help you get a full picture of every lottery site and choose the one that is more appealing to you.


This lottery site works for more than 15 years providing concierge services for lottery lovers.

It has an appealing design, though the person accessing the site for the first time may be overwhelmed by the number of information blocks that are waiting to be read. This may be confusing because it makes you forget what you came here for.

TheLotter has more than 20 lotteries from different countries. You can choose from different ticket types e.g. to play with systematic form, one-time entry or to join the lottery syndicate to increase your winning odds and share the prize with other participants. It makes sense because you have a wide choice and playing opportunities.

The site contains the blog with stories of big lottery winners. Reading this blog you may feel motivated to play. The other news on the site is connected with important updates on the site or some informational articles, like winning strategies with lots of information about one particular lottery, etc. Thus, we think that the site is informative enough to give the player full information on lotteries presented on the site.

Lotto Agent

This site was launched a bit later than TheLotter, though it’s getting more and more popular. Lotto Agent works for more than six years and there are no negative reviews or comments on it for now.

The website is created in a minimalistic design and is easier to perceive than TheLotter because it’s not overloaded with information.

On the main page of the site, you can see the most popular lotteries with Jackpots and timers. Above this section, you can see the “Our winners” section with winners of recently held draws, the “Results” section with all recent lottery results and so on.

Above the site page, you can see different sections that are also useful for a player — “Support”, “Payment methods”, “Terms of Use”, etc.

Lotto Agent has fewer lotteries than TheLotter, but there are only top-popular among them, such as MEGA Millions, Powerball, SuperEnalotto, etc. It also allows the player to choose from a one-time entry, the systematic form (to increase the winning odds), and different options such as the Multiple Draw or the Subscription. The Subscription option lets the player take part in a few lottery draws in a row with one lucky combination without entering the site before each draw. The money for each entry is debited from the player’s account beforehand. The Multiple Draw option allows the player to reserve the participation in a few lottery draws and pay for all lotto tickets at once.

This site has many offers for its players. For example, every player receives a welcome bonus for purchasing the first ticket on the site, which is accrued to your account after making your first entry. Inviting friends to the site is also strongly encouraged.

Well, you just need to try this service to get the full image of its functionality!

Summing up

Here comes the easiest part — we are summing up all the information we got on these two best lottery sites and telling you why are they so cool.

First, any of these sites has a good reputation. It means that they value their customers and earned a good reputation for doing their best for them.

TheLotter has its own points system that allows you to get discounts on entries. The more entries you make, the bigger your discount. For users, who don’t play for so long, this may be a problem, because tickets on the site are really expensive and these discounts really make sense. Besides, it’s difficult to keep a good discount because you have to buy a bunch of tickets weekly to have an opportunity to buy discounted tickets. Every user needs to, so to say, “keep the pace” to keep the level of the discount, e.g. buy even more tickets. We think this is not really fair, because you may finally go bankrupt that way!

Lotto Agent offers a welcome bonus to new users who make their first entry on the site. Also, promo codes are often sent to all the users. The tickets are less expensive thanks to the possibility to choose just one line in the ticket (e.g. the minimal entry). Thus, the lottery site proves its loyalty and shows how strongly it values its customers.

It’s up to you to decide which lottery site is the best!

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