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About UK Lotto: cold and hot numbers, prizes and winnings

In this article, we will discuss the British lottery UK Lotto and tell you about the newest cold and hot game numbers.

The National Lottery is an outstanding game that deserves your attention. Its peculiarity is that UK Lotto is extremely elaborate and well-organized. You be the judge: only 1% of general ticket sales revenue forms the UK Lotto organizers’ profit. 53% of the ticket sales go to the prize pool, 25% is is allocated to charity, urban development and other good goals, the rest is spent on taxes, commission, expenses and salaries paid to Camelot Group employees (among other things, UK Lotto creates a huge number of working positions), etc. It turns out that almost all the money that is generated in connection with the lottery goes for useful purposes.

Approved by the British Government

It’s interesting to note that the National Lottery was founded by British Prime Minister John Major in 1994. Since then, the game has established itself as a truly high-quality product held under the responsibility of the British State. Therefore, any reputational miss is not permissible!

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How to play UK Lotto

So, what options, prize divisions and interesting promotions are offered by the National Lottery? First, to participate in the game, you need to choose 5 numbers out of 59. This game matrix is slightly different from the classic “6 of 49” one, so UK Lotto has a slightly lower chance of winning the Jackpot than classic lotteries, but this is offset by that the British lottery has quite large prizes even in the smallest prize tiers. By the way, what about the prize breakdown? Let's take a closer look at this issue!

UK Lotto prize breakdown

UK Lotto has 6 prize options, with prizes for each option (except for Jackpot) being fixed. If you guess two balls, you win two pounds. If you match three balls, you win £ 30, which is a rather attractive prize for three matched balls. 4 matched balls guarantee 140 pounds, 5 matched balls guarantee at least 1.750 pounds. Why “at least”? If the Jackpot isn’t scooped after five successive draws, its amount is allocated among other prize divisions, with that the minimum Jackpot is announced in the next draw. For example, last time UK Lotto announced a roll down again and the prize for three matched balls was £ 117, which is almost four times the usual prize! Sounds great, doesn't it?

There’s more to come — the Bonus Ball

UK Lotto has a bonus ball. Why do we need it? It defines an additional prize option “6 matched balls + a Bonus Ball”, the prize of which is exactly one million pounds.

UK Lotto numbers statistics

  • Hot UK Lotto numbers for now: 30, 25, 15, 13, 7 and 3. 
  • Cold UK Lotto numbers for now: 32, 48, 41, 37, 19 and 31.

UK Lotto is a reliable and amazing game and... you can take part in it!

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