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Spanish game Loteria Nacional

Many countries have national lotteries. There is the Irish National Lottery, the British National Lottery and many others. However, the most mind-blowing national lotto is held in Spain. If you are a Loteria Nacional lover, you are probably interested in the schedule of draws of this amazing game. Some people think that there’s no exact sequence of its raffles. Actually this is not true. Today we’ll try to put the complicated schedule of Loteria Nacional in order.

What do you need to know about this lottery?

First, large Lottery Nacional draws take place every month. You can’t watch the national lotto numbers for tonight or tomorrow because these are really rare occasions.

Secondly, some Loteria Naсional draws repeat from year to year, while other don’t coincide with the draws of the previous year over time. You can study the culture of Spain together with Loteria Naсional. Each of its draws is timed to an important date, a holiday, a festival or an important event. Some draws of this Spanish game are associated with significant cultural phenomena and monuments of architecture.

Here is the schedule of Loteria Nacional for 2017 and 2018.

2017 2018


Loteria del Nino

Loteria del Nino is always held on January when the Spanish holiday "Día de Reyes" is celebrated. It’s believed that on this day the Magi brought gifts to the newborn Jesus. The name of the game "El Niño" is translated as "the baby".

Prize Fund: ~ € 700.000.000/~ 40 Jackpots


Sorteo Extraordinario de San Valentín

One of the Loteria Nacional drawings Extraordinario de San Valentín is devoted to the romantic Valentine's Day. Each time it takes place in February.

Prize Fund: € 105.000.000/~ 10 Jackpots


Sorteo del Día del Padre<

Sorteo del Día del Padre is a traditional Spanish game. The draws of it were dedicated to the National Father’s Day.

Prize Fund: € 105.000.000/~ 10 Jackpots


Sorteo Especial del Cáncer was dedicated to Asociación Española Contra el Cáncer (the Spanish Association against Cancer).

Prize Fund: € 84.000.000/10 Jackpots

Sorteo de Oro de la Cruz Roja

Prize Fund: € 84.000.000/10 Jackpots


Sorteo de Oro de la Cruz Roja was dedicated to the "Cruz Roja" (the Red Cross organization).

Prize Fund: € 84.000.000/10 Jackpots

Sorteo Especial del Cáncer

Prize Fund: € 84.000.000/10 Jackpots


Sorteo Especial de Junio was dedicated to Edificio “El Arte” (the Art Building in Valencia).

Prize Fund: € 84.000.000/10 Jackpots

Sorteo Especial de Junio

Prize Fund: € 84.000.000/10 Jackpots


Sorteo Extraordinario de Vacaciones was dedicated to the start of international European summer holidays.

Prize Fund: € 140.000.000/10 Jackpots + The Grand Prix

Coming Soon


Sorteo Especial de Agosto was dedicated to the canoe club “As Torres Romaria Vikinga”.

Prize Fund: € 84.000.000/10 Jackpots

Coming Soon


Sorteo Especial de Septiembre was dedicated to the Route of the Silver.

Prize Fund: € 84.000.000/10 Jackpots

Coming Soon


Sorteo Especial de Octubre was dedicated to Teatro Real (Opera House in Madrid).

Prize Fund: € 84.000.000/10 Jackpots

Coming Soon


Sorteo Especial de Noviembre was dedicated to Universidad de Salamanca (the University of Salamanca).

Prize Fund: € 84.000.000/10 Jackpots

Coming Soon


Lotería de Navidad is the most important draw of the national lotto. “Navidad” is translated as “Christmas”.

Prize Fund: € 2 380 000 000/~ 170 Jackpots (the record National Lotto Jackpot)

So, which Loteria Nacional drawings are worth taking part in?

It’s worth taking part in the most important lottery draw Lotería de Navidad if you want to play and win big. Bingo! It’s worth taking part in the January, February and March draws, which repeat year after year and are dedicated to the holidays. Loteria del Nino will especially please you. In summer, you should pay attention to the Sorteo Extraordinario de Vacaciones, which is the third most important Loteria Nacional draw. If you like to do good, don’t miss the April and May draws. The money that will be received from ticket sales will go to charity. When you realize how amazing Loteria Nacional is, you won’t want to miss other games! On average, every third ticket of this national game is winning.

The national lotto results also can be seen on the official site of the operator Loterias Yapuestas.

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