BEFORE and AFTER: see how winning a lottery can change life and appearance

A lottery winner Jane Park changes over time

After the triumph, lottery winners start to fulfill their cherished dreams: some of them go on a round-the-world trip, some start a family bakery or buy a mansion on the beach and the third ones start to improve their appearance. Many people are lucky enough to get one and the same huge amount of money, but some live a truly bright and meaningful life, while others go wild. Here is one of the stories of lottery winners. After reading this, you’ll ask yourself not only "How I play the lottery?", but also "Can I handle big money?"

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In 2012, this lovely 16-year-old girl in the picture is the future youngest lottery winner in the world. Six years ago a young English lady Jane Park was an ordinary teenage, who worked part-time in a small diner: the girl's mother didn’t have enough money to pay for the daughter's further education.

The youngest lottery winner in the world Jane Park in 2012, 16 years old

In 2013, Jane still shared a two-room public welfare apartment with her mother and worked as an administrator in a charitable organization. Once Jane got bored at work, then a signboard of a nearby store caught her eyes. "Scoop one of a few giant prizes," was written on it.

Jane purchased the first lottery ticket in her life and won £ 1 million. The girl was only 17. Camelot Group, the organizer of the national English lottery UK Lotto, is the only lottery organizer which allows underage players to take part in its draws.

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On one of the telecasts, Miss Park was asked: "How do you play the UK lottery? Share your secret!” The girl smiled and said: “How do I play the lottery? No secrets. I’m just the spoilt child of fortune.” This caused envy among many lottery fans.

The youngest lottery winner in the world Jane Park in 2013, 17 years old

Being young and ambitious, Jane Park craved for fame. She accepted invitations of any TV channel to take part in entertainment programs. Jane even agreed to star in a BBC documentary. Later, the young winner acquired a mansion for £ 169.995, though she sold it four years later for only £ 20,000 and moved back to her mother.

The youngest lottery winner in the world Jane Park in 2014, 18 years old

The girl did her best to get into the elite social class. She surrounded herself with attributes of a beautiful life. First-class flights to America and the Maldives, Louis Vuitton bags, a pocket dog named Princess, expensive gifts to friends and family, a personal fleet of cars which includes VW Beetle, BMW, Range Rover and Mercedes became a part of her everyday life. In 2014, Jane began experimenting with her appearance.

The youngest lottery winner in the world Jane Park in 2015, 19 years old

In 2015, the audience of popular English shows, where the lottery winner was actively invited, noticed that Jane's lips became much fuller.

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The girl also wanted to do liposuction, but the doctor told her that she didn’t have enough fat for it.

The youngest lottery winner in the world Jane Park in 2016, 20 years old

A year later, Jane corrected the size of her breast and the shape of her nose. The platinum blonde created an account in Instagram, where she has been posting flirty pictures and new purchases. Jane has millions of fans on social networks.

The youngest lottery winner in the world Jane Park in 2017, 21 years old

In 2017, after a series of misdemeanors (Jane was implicated in scandals and was arrested for drunk driving) the girl changed her dress style to an elegant one. The winner of the national lottery said that she was tired of messing around and having an idle lifestyle. The girl intended to get an education and start her own business.

The youngest lottery winner in the world Jane Park in 2018, 22 years old

In 2018, Jane also leads a prosperous but messy life: she had a plastic surgery operation in Turkey, paying 50.000 euros for this, and was bathed in water on the air of a scandalous TV-show. However, she also fell in love for the first time in her life. Jane met a football player Jordan Piggott with the help of Tinder.

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How will the girl's life go on? Time will tell…


When you read this article, you thought that you would find the best way to dispose of Jane's money, right? Would you really? Try to honestly answer the following questions:

  • “How do I play the lottery if I want to win big?”

The secret is that you shouldn’t crave for winning the lottery. Of course, you can dream about winning before going to sleep and building plans for a secure future when you pick your lucky numbers. But don’t get upset and desperate each time when you loss. The lottery is not only a way to get money quickly, but also an entertainment.

  • “How should I play lottery without any unpleasant consequences?”

Spend only as much money on lottery tickets as you can afford.

  • “How can i play the lottery online?”

Before you start playing games online, check that your lottery agent has a security certificate for the safety of your payment and personal data and also provides scanned copies of your tickets before the draw.

  • “How do I handle big money?”

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