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7 bold tips that will increase your winning odds 100%!

Effective winning strategy based on mathematical analysis and statistics

It makes no difference how you choose your numbers in order to take part in a lottery. Generally, there are no “good” or “bad” numbers, because lottery winning numbers are always random. “Random” means neither astrology, nor advice from your friends, nor “secret winning strategies” are able to forecast perfect winning combinations. However, there are some tips based on common sense and mathematical analysis that can significantly increase your odds of winning.

1. Don’t play Powerball (if you don’t feel like a boss)

People think that the lottery winning process starts with choosing the right numbers to play. This is a huge misconception that 80% of all people who have ever played the lotto are exposed to. The lottery winning process starts with choosing the right game. Let's see why playing Powerball is a good, but not the best idea if you don’t want to win “like a boss”.

How the most popular lottery in the world works

Almost any country in the world, except for United Arab Emirates, Cambogia, North Korea, etc. where gambling is illegal, has a nice selection of lotteries with different winning odds. By attracting more financial injections, most of these countries invite foreigners to join their public draws, including online gambling. However, this doesn’t tribute to the popularity of these games among the world’s gambling community.

At the same time, almost everyone in the world has heard of Powerball. Many people believe that all lotteries in the world are based on the same scenario — the same as Powerball has. Meanwhile, Powerball has rather unique game rules.

Powerball is drawn twice a week and has a Jackpot of at least 20 million dollars. This significantly exceeds the maximum possible Jackpots of many other lotteries. The winning combination is made up of five numbers, which are picked of 59 white balls, plus one additional number (“Powerball”), which is picked of 39 red balls. If every number in the entry matches all six numbers of the winning combination, the player wins the major prize. In addition, there are a few more prize divisions.

Let’s be frank. Such rules don’t seem attractive and clear. Why do so many people adore Powerball? The answer is that Powerball, as well as its rival — the American game MEGA Millions, holds the record for the largest lottery Jackpots ever drawn in the world, including the scandalous draw of the whopping Jackpot of 1.6 billion dollars in 2016. Let’s have a look at the list of the largest lottery Jackpots, which were ever scooped:

  • John and Lisa Robinson, Maureen Smith and David Kaltschmidt, Marvin and Mae Acosta — $1.586 billion (Powerball)
  • Mavis L. Wanczyk — $758.7 million (Powerball)
  • Merle and Patricia Butler + two anonymous parties — $656 million (Mega Millions)
  • Ira Curry and Steve Tran — $648 million (Mega Millions)
  • Gloria Mackenzie — $590.5 million (Powerball)

Huge amounts of money make human hearts beat louder. The higher the amount, the more excited the person. This is how human psychology works. Even if a person realizes that in the context of his life it doesn’t really matter whether he has 50 million or 500 million dollars (both amounts are enough to live a happy and carefree life), he/she will choose a larger amount.

Why Powerball isn’t a game for everyone

In a strict sense, winning odds either of a Jackpot or a smaller prize — depending on your life priorities and financial appetite — are the only indicator to pay attention to when choosing a lottery. Powerball doesn’t have the best winning odds. It's all about the rules of the game: normally, the classic game set of numbers consists of only 49 balls. All of these extra balls have been added to reduce winning odds so that the Jackpots could reach enormous amounts.

Many people are focused on winning a huge Jackpot. For example, some of them don’t participate if the Jackpot amount is less than three hundred million dollars. Ambition and greed prevent them from seeing the main thing: if they die off their appetites, they’ll be more likely to win. They just need to pay attention to other lotteries: those that have better winning odds.

Powerball is for cool guys, who want to have either all or nothing. Are you a hard nut or a conscious person today? It’s up to you to decide

2. You don’t need a huge Jackpot

When huge Jackpots are announced in America, you may notice long lines of people on the street. These people stand in the rain/heat or blown by gusts of wind to buy a few pieces of colored paper. Paradoxically, from their point of view a “huge” Jackpot is a Jackpot above 300 million dollars. An amount of, let’s say, $ 50 or even $ 100 million is not considered large, although this amount is enough for several generations of one family to live luxuriously and not to work a single day. Thus, many people don’t pay attention to smaller Jackpots at all.

Be wiser. Play lotteries with smaller Jackpots. Jackpots of some games are small because these lotteries have the best odds in the world to win the top prize. First of all, Jackpots of these lotteries are almost always scooped on the first try and they don’t have enough space to roll up. Besides, due to the fact that the Jackpots of these games are hit quickly, such lotteries have unimpressive prize pools. But agree: it’s better to have 20 million dollars than not to have anything at all.

Pay attention to these lotteries if you want to increase your winning odds:

Lotteries from Australia “match 6 out of 45”

Spanish lotteries “match 6 out of 49”

American lotteries “match 6 out of 49”

  • New Jersey Pick-6

You don’t need a Jackpot at all

People talk about winning a lottery as if there were no other prizes except Jackpots. However, many games offer other options for winning. If you basically want to win at least some money in the lotto, pay attention to some following parameters:

  • Huge secondary prizes

Some lotteries can make you a millionaire, even if you don’t have the Jackpot.

  • The number of prize divisions

To win at least some money in the lottery, you should match at least a few balls. The more prize tiers the lottery has, the less efforts you need to apply. The champions in the number of prize categories are the pan-European games EuroMillions and EuroJackpot.

  • Minimum prize amount

Most lotteries guarantee only a few dollars or euros as a minimum prize. However, there are those who are ready to offer you much more. What are they?

  • SuperEnalotto — € 20 (Italy)
  • El Gordo de la Primitiva — € 19 (Spain)
  • EuroJackpot — € 15 (Europe)
  • EuroMillions — € 13 (Europe)
  • Saturday Lotto — A$ 16 (Australia)

As you can see, “small fish” can be sweet.

  • Cashback option “Reintegro”

The lotteries Bonoloto and La Primitiva have an interesting option — Reintegro, which is able to refund some of the money spent on a ticket. When your ticket is purchased, a special number from 0 to 9 is assigned to it randomly. This number is called Reintegro. If you are blessed and the number on your ticket turns out to be lucky in the current lottery draw, the cost of the ticket will be partially refunded to you.

Invite your neighbours to play

It’s clear that the more lottery tickets you buy, the more chance of winning the lottery you have. However, to buy a bunch of lottery tickets, you must have money. Some kind of vicious circle: to get money, you need to have money! In this case, you just need to attract investors: neighbors, colleagues or relatives. In the case of a win, you’ll divide it between all participants in this venture. This is called a "syndicate”.

We’ll tell you an inspiring story about a tricky guy Stefan Mandel, a Romanian-Australian economist who won the lottery 14 times. First time the winner did it in his native Romania. Even being a “white collar” in his home country, he had a salary of only $ 88 a month. That wasn’t enough to survive. After some time he moved to Australia, where he won 12 more times.

The series of winnings wasn’t a divine miracle, but a carefully planned campaign:

  • Calculate the overall number of possible winning combinations in any lotto of the kind “match 6 out of 40” or “match 6 out of 45” (games from Australia suit here perfectly well).
  • Find a lottery in which the amount of the Jackpot is bigger than the amount spent on the purchase of tickets with all possible lottery combinations.
  • Round up investors to pay for each selection of lotto numbers. Mandel attracted 2,524 people to his syndicate. What a cunning man!
  • Win the Jackpot. Pay your investors and pocket some money. In general, Mandel raised $97,000.

Of course, we don’t recommend you to invite thousands of people to your syndicate. But we are sure that you have enough friends, acquaintances, colleagues and neighbors who would gladly take part in your venture to win a huge Jackpot. Let it be your good tradition.

In addition, collecting money for lottery tickets can be a fun game. For example, you can put a large glass jar in the most prominent place in your office. Every time someone says bad words / complains / eats candy (dieting) / drinks coffee (because it’s not healthy), he/she will have to throw a few coins into this jar.

5. Be smart when you play lottery

If you’re an intelligent and educated person, you can use mathematical and statistical knowledge to your advantage. You won’t believe in such nonsense as a horoscope, which is able to predict the best lottery numbers for you or in the law of "visualization". You’ll just choose the lottery with the best winning odds and rely on statistics, instead of "attracting the right energy to your chakras". It’s evident. However, we would like to mention another aspect of good education and intelligence in the context of winning the lottery.

First, having a sharp mind, you’ll be able to save your winning and even multiply it. Probably, you’ve already heard that the majority of lottery winners have wasted all their winnings to the last penny. Many of them live in poverty and curse the day they bought a lottery ticket. The thing is that stupid people don’t think about consequences. They live like tomorrow doesn't exist. They live now and today. For example, they buy luxury mansions without realising that they would have to pay enormous taxes.

Besides, being smart, you’ll be able to make smart decisions. When you win the lottery, you should get a “dream team”: an attorney, a tax expert and a financial adviser to help you make pragmatic financial and investment decisions and help you plan for the future. They can also give advice how to shield you from the mass-media and from the endless flow of money requests from strangers. Stupid people don’t do such boring things as planning and investment, they consume, have destructive lifestyles and give money to everyone to seem generous and good.

Before playing the lottery, honestly ask yourself: am I smart enough to do this and can I trust on me? Sometimes winning hurts.

6. Choose right lottery numbers

Richard Lustig, an author of "Learn How To Increase Your Chances of Winning The Lottery" is a seven-time lottery winner. Lustig came up with a secret strategy of winning the lottery and managed to scoop a lot of money using his own winning system, including his last Jackpot of $98,000 a few years ago.

Many journalists tried to find out the secret of his success, but Lustig only said: "Either pay me for an answer, or be content with a short reply: you need to choose the right numbers." We don’t recommend you to pay Richard and buy his book, however you should heed the advice of the multiple lottery winner. Here is the secret: choose the right numbers. Follow these tips to do that:

  • Use Quick Pick when you pick your lottery numbers

70% of all lottery winners used Quick Pick. This number selection system is that there is no any system at all. The choice of numbers is absolutely random.

  • Use the most common numbers when picking lucky numbers

This is beyond explanation, but some numbers pull more often than others. If for a certain period of time some numbers pull more than 250 times, then these numbers are called the most common numbers. Selecting all common numbers in your entry is a good way to make up a lottery combination. The latest information on such numbers can be found on the Internet.

  • Use cold, hot and overdue numbers in one selection when picking your winning combination

One of the best strategies to make up a good lottery combination is to know how to combine cold (least common), hot (most common) and overdue (have not been drawn for an above average number of draws) numbers.

  • Choose your lucky numbers across the range of numbers when picking the right numbers

If you need to make up a good lottery selection, choose one number between 1-9, one number between 10-19, one number between 20-29, one number between 30-39, one number between 40-49, and one number between 50–54.

Be pragmatic when choosing a winning combination

When choosing lottery numbers, excessive sensitivity can let you down. When you choose lottery numbers relying not just on common sense and effective winning strategies, but on symbolism and hope of good luck:

  1. your lottery combinations are always restricted to a humble range of numbers;
  2. if you win, you risk to share the Jackpot with a lot of people.

To avoid these troubles, remember these taboos:

  • Don’t paint funny pictures when you fill in a lottery ticket. Say “no” to smiley faces, swords, worms, spirals and other stuff.
  • Buying a lottery ticket, don’t limit your choice of the numbers to anniversaries, “special dates” and birthdays.
  • Forget about “lucky” numbers like 5, 7, 13, etc. What about unpopular numbers like 32, 34, 40 or 46? Give them a chance.
  • Don’t read a horoscope column. Your luck doesn’t depend on how the stars are located in the sky. Say to yourself: “It’s only me who is responsible for my well-being.”
  • It’s a bad strategy to rely on someone’s lucky numbers. Millions of people choose the same winning combination in each National Lottery draw: 03-06-13-23-27-49. Why? According to Richard Lloyd’s statistical research, this combination is considered the luckiest in history. If in each draw of this lottery, any player would choose only these numbers, he would win 2,017,671. If this combination ever really wins, its fans will get a meager prize.

A final word

To be among lottery winners, you should either have good luck or have an effective winning strategy based on mathematical analysis and statistics. The second way is always preferable, because if you learn how to plan winning schemes and effective strategies, you could not only win a whopping prize, but also could use it effectively. Maybe today is the best day to try your luck?

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