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The best lottery strategies for beginners

7 useful tips for lottery players

The odds of getting any prize in Powerball are 1 to 54. The chances to match all six numbers correctly are much lower. However, the famous American game generates from one to twenty millionaires a week on average. Every lottery player would love to get into this "lucky twenty". Are there any tips, secrets and lottery strategies to win the lottery? Today, we will give you 7 advice for a lottery Jackpot winner.

Is it possible to hack the secret lottery winning formula?

Winning the lottery is a pure luck. One after another, lottery balls are pulled out of the lottery machine in a random order. The official SuperLotto Plus website says that the lottery machines that are used for lotto raffles are stored in fastened rooms where the perfect mode of temperature and humidity is created. Elastic rubber balls with numbers on them that briskly jump out of the lottery drum are totally identical in shape and weight. The equipment is carefully checked before each draw.

Therefore, the answer to the question that is contained in the headline is no. The secret winning formula simply doesn’t exist. However, there are some methods, which are able to double or even triple your chance of winning the prize and make playing the lottery more exciting.

Lottery advice for a lottery Jackpot winner

Alas, there’s no way to hack the secret winning formula. However, there are ways to improve your chances of winning the lottery. Today will tell you about the most effective lottery strategies, tips and secrets. In order not to frighten you with complicated mathematical formulas and postulates of probability theory, let us begin our acquaintance with the most effective lottery strategies from the easiest ones. Despite their simplicity, they really work!

Advice 1. Choose an easy lottery matrix

You don’t need to be a genius to understand that lotteries with an easy game matrix have the best chances of winning a windfall. What do we mean when we say “an easy game”? It always has just one game set, which is limited to 45-49 balls. This largely determines lottery odds. Of course, you should also take into account the number of prize divisions and the minimum game prize when buying a lottery ticket, but the structure of the game set is the most important indicator of how easy it is to win this or that lottery.

So, the following lotteries have the best odds to scoop the Jackpot:

  • Monday and Wednesday Lotto, Australia (6 out of 45)
  • Saturday Lotto, Australia (6 out of 45)
  • Oz Lotto, Australia (6 out of 45)
  • Lotto Austria, Austria (6 out of 45)
  • Lotto Ireland, Ireland (6 aus 47)
  • Lotto 6/49, Canada (6 out of 49)
  • Bonoloto, Spain (6 out of 49)
  • New Jersey Pick-6, America (6 out of 49)
  • La Primitiva, Spain (6 out of 49)

One more game — Thunderball UK (the United Kingdom) — has two game sets, however, the selection of numbers is narrow in each of them: you should pick 5 numbers out of 39 from the first set of numbers and pick 1 number out of 14 from the second set of numbers when buying a lottery ticket. Thunderball UK is also a right option for those who focus on good winning odds, not on the Jackpot amount.

However, you should note that easy lotteries have relatively small Jackpots and lack worthy non-Jackpot prizes. If you want to be a winner of a larger amount, then you should buy a ticket of MEGA Millions or Powerball.

Advice 2. Use the multiplier when you play American lotteries

Many lottery players know that the most popular American lotteries have the "Multiplier" option, however very few of them actually use it. Whereas, it can increase any non-Jackpot prize several times.

  • The Powerball multiplier option (Powerplay) increases the Powerball non-Jackpot prizes up to 5 times if the Jackpot is more than $ 150.000.000 and up to 10 times if the Jackpot is less than $ 150 million. The minimum prize for the matched Powerball number (the minimal prize) can reach 40 dollars; the maximum non-Jackpot prize can reach 10 million dollars.
  • The MEGA Millions multiplier option (Megaplier) increases the non-Jackpot MEGA Millions prizes up to 5 times. The prizes range from ten dollars for the minimum number of matched balls to five million dollars.
  • The New Jersey Pick-6 multiplier option (XTRA) also increases the New Jersey Pick-6 non-Jackpot prizes up to 5 times, plus it forms a new prize tire.
  • The Lotto Texas multiplier option (Extra!) just adds 10, 1.000 or 10.000 to your winning amount, depending on the prize division.
  • The Lotto America multiplier option (All Star Bonus) is able to increase any Lotto America non-Jackpot prize by 5 times.

Learn more about lottery multipliers in our article!

Advice 3. Analyze non-Jackpot prizes

If you were attentive when reading the text about the multiplier, you’ve already realized that minor lottery winnings can be really large. If you don’t care which prize to win (the major or the minor), pay attention to the number of prize divisions of the lotto you’re going to play, as well as to the prize amounts of each prize division. The more prize divisions in the ticket, the better chances to win any prize.

The following lotteries have the best number of prize divisions:

  • SuperEnalotto Superstar, Italy (14 prize tiers)
  • EuroMillions, pan-European (13 prize tiers)
  • EuroJackpot, pan-European (12 prize tiers)
  • Lotto Austria, Austria (10 prize tiers)
  • El Gordo, Spain (10 prize tiers)

Advice 4. Don’t forget that “3” is a good number

Here is one more helpful 1-minute-long tip how to win money in the lotto. Lottery players match from 1 to 3 numbers from the lottery set almost in each game. If you match just a few numbers, you win a small amount of money. However, some lotteries are willing to pay quite good money for just three matched numbers. It’s really easy to match three numbers, so that look for the best deal. This is an excellent option for those who wish to get a low but constant cash flow.

Let's see how much money some of the most popular games in the world offer for three matched balls. We arranged a list of games in descending order of payments.

  • UK Lotto (the “3” prize option) — £ 30
  • SuperEnalotto (the “3” prize option) — nearly € 20
  • SuperEnalotto Superstar (the “3” prize option) — nearly € 20
  • El Gordo (the “3” prize option) — nearly € 19
  • EuroJackpot (the “3” prize option) — nearly € 15
  • EuroMillions (the “3” prize option) — nearly € 13
  • Saturday Lotto (the “1+2” prize option) — nearly A$ 16
  • Monday & Wednesday Lotto (the “1+2” prize option) — nearly A$ 12
  • Thunderball UK (the “3” or “2+1” prize options) — nearly £ 10
  • Lotto Ireland (the “3” prize option) — nearly € 11
  • MEGA Millions (the “3” prize option) — $ 10

As far as you can see, UK Lotto is amazing as it’s eager to give you £ 30 for three matched balls. This is a decent amount of money!

No doubt, these are small amounts of money. However, they cover the ticket cost and leave you some extra money for buying new tickets, which can bring you a more impressive win.

Advice 5. Get your money back

This strategy is suitable for those who don’t have a lot of money, but who have a lot of patience and is set to hit the Jackpot. You need to pick a lotto that guarantees a prize payment even for the minimum number of matched balls. You’ll notice that you are able to match almost all winning numbers in each lottery draw, but (what a bad luck!) all the numbers are scattered in different ticket lines.

It’s easy to match just one number. You will do that really often when playing different games often. Here is a list of lotteries, which will often refund you (fully or partially) the cost of the tickets. You just have to spend this money on a new batch of tickets.

  • SuperEnalotto Superstar — € 5.00
  • Powerball — $ 4.00
  • Thunderball UK — £ 3.00
  • UK Lotto — £ 2.00
  • El Gordo — € 1.50
  • MEGA Millions — $ 2.00
  • Lotto America — $ 2.00
  • Lotto Austria — € 1.20
  • SuperLotto Plus — $ 1.00
  • La Primitiva — Reintegro will help you to get your money back
  • Bonoloto — the refund option Reintegro

Advice 6. Pick your lottery numbers right

Here are some helpful tips to contribute to your skill of picking lottery numbers. Follow them to succeed.

  • Pick both even and odd numbers!

Combinations consisting of only even or odd numbers are not common (they occur only in 3% of all winning cases). Therefore, a right way to win is to make combinations with even and odd numbers when you play your favorite game in a ratio of 3 to 2 or 2 to 3! By the way, do you remember what even and odd numbers are? If you haven’t listened to the maths teacher at school, we remind you that even numbers can be divided by two without remainder (4, 16, 28, etc.), while odd numbers can’t be divided by two (3, 17, 29, etc.).

  • Watch for "hot" and "cold" numbers

There is a special system of choosing lottery numbers. According to the latest data, the most common (“hot” or “most drawn”) Powerball numbers are: 22, 11, 9, 40, 58, and 26. Here are the least common numbers (“cold” or “least drawn”): 1, 66, 15, 46, 17, and 65. Just compare: number 26 has been drawn in 273 drawings, whereas the least common number 65 has been drawn just 10 times over the past few years. We think that statistics speak much more eloquently than any words. Please mind: cold and hot numbers are updated after each draw.

  • Choose lottery numbers around the entire ticket form!

Another way to increase your chance to win: pick numbers throughout the entire ticket form — not just in the lower or the upper parts of it. Statistics show that winning combinations containing the entire "top" or the entire "bottom" numbers are not frequent (less than 3% of all big winnings). Don’t limit yourself!

  • Calculate the amount of your numbers

Here is another system of choosing numbers for lottery. After you pick 6 numbers to take part in SuperEnalotto, EuroMillions, Powerball, or any other lottery, fold them together and make sure that their amount falls within the range of 141 to 240. 70% of all Jackpot-winning combinations fall into this range.

  • Use the option "Easy-Pick"

Studies argue that the choice of random numbers increases your winning odds. In addition, by picking a random combination, you have better chances NOT to give a decent piece of your Jackpot to other players — those who are attached to dates and lucky numbers. The popularity of the option that chooses random numbers can be easily explained: it’s just impartial and has no preferences. It’s really random or even… chaotic.

  • Find your perfect number strategy

There are various strategies for choosing lottery numbers right. They were effective for a number of winners. Free lottery strategies can be found on the Internet. They are a lottery magic square, a wheeling lottery strategy, and many others. You can choose two systems of lottery numbers selection and implement them together. Probably, this will further increase your chances of winning.

Magic squares can be made in Excel

  • Use the best lottery combination

Specialist for Statistics Richard Lloyd has determined that the best combination for playing the national English game UK Lotto is 3, 06, 13, 23, 27, and 49. If some player picked these numbers in every separate draw of the British public game, he would win £ 2.017.671 in total. Probably, a good way of choosing lottery numbers is picking the proven lottery selection.


We would also like to give you some more tags and tips to keep in mind if you want to make a scoop. If you really want to get prosperous and rich, try to avoid these numbers and combinations:

  • No! Birthdays of relatives and friends

People are extremely attached to dates. The problem is that a month includes only 31 days highest possible. Respectively, many players don’t choose numbers outside the range of 1-31. In many cases, this prevents a person from winning the Jackpot. Don’t pick your favourite cat’s or granny’s birthday date when you fill in the ticket form. That doesn’t work this way.

  • No! "Lucky" numbers

Experimental psychologist Jonathan Clark says that the most common lucky number is 7. There is a probability that a good bunch of people will choose this number in their lotto tickets. Some people pick two or even three of such numbers in the ticket form at once. This won’t increase their chances of winning, but if it turns out that lucky numbers, such as 7, 3, 5, 13, and so on, will be included in the winning combination; your Jackpot will be split and shared between you and other lucky baggers.

  • No! Aesthetic approach

In 1995, 133 people won the Jackpot in one of the draws of the UK Lotto. It turned out that the winning combination formed a bizarre figure in the filled ticket form. If you are fond of choosing numbers in a ticket by forming swords, spirals, sticks or flowers from numbers, remember: you are not the only one who has a sense of the beautiful. You will have to give a portion of your windfall to a couple of other aesthetes.

Advice 7. Invite friends to play with you

If you would like to win big, you should attract help. The more lottery tickets you buy, the better your winning odds. A few additional tickets will only slightly increase your odds, whereas, 100 or 200 extra lottery tickets really make sense.

This is easy to check if you browse news: it can be often seen in the media that a group of people won the Jackpot. Play along with colleagues, neighbors or relatives, then your winning odds will be really impressive!

Lottery syndicate winners took part in the National Lottery (Britain)

Lottery syndicate winners scooped the Jackpot ot MegaMillions


In this article, we’ve uncovered some of the lottery secrets, winning strategies and helpful advice for people who want to win in the lottery. These advice will be handy for beginners. In the following articles, we will talk about more complex things. You can start reading them when you stop confusing SuperLotto Plus and SuperEnalotto.

Want to buy a lottery ticket online? You can do that here. The best time to win is today — good luck!

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