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6 tips from a lawyer for those who won the lottery

6 tips from a lawyer

An ordinary person hardly ever uses legal services. Usually these are property disputes, divorce or distribution of inheritance. Once a person gets rich, a lawyer becomes his best friend and ally. A wealthy person constantly finds himself in situations when he needs the help of a lawyer, financial adviser or a tax consultant. Lottery players know how to play lottery online or how to use lottery strategies, but they hardly ever look beyond their win.

If an accomplished businessman has an idea of how the law works, the person who has just won the lottery isn’t legally competent. He will probably stumble over the complex legal system. Our Super Lawyer comes to the rescue. Here are some helpful advice if you think of yourself as a potential lottery winner. Absolutely free!

Tip # 1. Don’t tell anyone about your winnings (especially in social networks).

In the age of information technology, almost every person wants to picture every moment of his life and talk about it in social networks. People make posts into social networks even about such insignificant events as a theatre trip or a dinner at a restaurant. How can one refrain from telling the whole world about such a grandiose event as winning a lottery? No matter how strong the temptation, don’t do this. Don’t show the barcode of the ticket to anyone under any circumstances. Don’t boast. Don’t show off. Keep your mouth shut. You can start showing off only after collecting the prize. But you better not.

Tip # 2. Put the ticket in a waterproof bag and hide it in a waterproof safe.

If you buy a ticket with the help of a lotto agent (if you know how to play a lottery online), your lottery ticket is securely stored. As soon as the service passes the ticket to you, its safety becomes your headache. A lottery ticket is just a piece of paper. It can deteriorate from high and low temperatures. A good solution is to put your winning ticket in a waterproof bag and hide it in a secure place. The best solution is to put your ticket in the safe or rent a bank cell. Don’t try to iron your lottery ticket or hide it in the fridge! All the numbers and letters on it will disappear. You won’t be able to prove that this white piece of paper once was a million-dollar winning lottery ticket.

Tip # 3. Sign your ticket and make a copy of it.

Once you receive a ticket from your lottery agent or buy it at the supermarket (or at the gas station, wherever), sign it right away. On the back side of it, write your full name, address, and telephone number, then sign it. Even if an attacker takes possession of your ticket, he won’t be able to use it, because your data on it automatically assigns to you the right to own this ticket. Remember the exact place and time of purchase. This information may be necessary if you have to challenge the right to own a ticket. Leave some space on the ticket to write the name of your authorized representative if necessary. Everything happens in life. Probably, you won’t be able to claim the prize personally due to illness or travel, then your spouse, mother, brother or grandfather will be able to do this for you. Also, make a scanned copy of your ticket. Login into your email and send the photo of the ticket to yourself.

Tip # 4. Be quick when it comes to collecting your win.

Some lottery winners don’t rush to claim prizes as soon as possible. They argue that they need time to think things over carefully, make plans and calm down. Many lottery winners aren’t ready to accept too much attention and just don’t understand what they should do. Put doubts aside. Get a grip on yourself and just do it. You don’t know what your future will be like. Perhaps you will get to the hospital or you will have to leave for a long time. You can miss the deadlines after which it’s impossible to claim the prize. Lottery organizers usually meet the needs of winners, but not in this case. If you don’t claim your prize on time, your money will go to charity needs.

Tip # 5. Got a prize? Call a lawyer!

Call a good lawyer. We once again focus your attention on the word "good". If he asks to share your prize, he is not the one you are looking for. If he refuses to sign a contract with you, he is not the one you are looking for. By the way, signing a contract is an important step that you must do. In the contract terms, you must indicate that your lawyer is liable for making wrong decisions which could adversely affect your life and your financial well-being. With it, your lawyer will be attentive, he won’t miss a single detail and will act in your interests.

If your lawyer is not competent in tax matters, hire a tax specialist. You’ll be surprised when you find out what kinds of taxes exist: state taxes, federal taxes, gift taxes, corporate taxes and many others. Penalties are applied for non-payers. We’re sure, you don’t want problems with law. It wouldn’t go amiss to hire a financial specialist who will help you make the right financial decisions in the long and short term, help you with investments, charity, donations, etc. Approve the amount of remuneration in advance. It should be fixed, suppose $ 100 / working hour.

Tip # 6. Try to remain anonymous.

If you play European lotteries, there will be no problems with maintaining anonymity. If you are a conceited person, you can take part in talk shows and flash in the morning news, but you won’t be forced to do it. If you win in the draw of an American lottery, things will be more complicated.

If you win the lottery from the Americas, you’ll be able to remain anonymous only in six states: Delaware, Kansas, Maryland, North Dakota, Ohio and South Carolina. In some other states, you’ll be asked to contribute a certain amount to charity to remain incognito. In some other states, you can claim the prize not on your own behalf, but on behalf of your limited liability company. Then your personal data won’t be disclosed. If anonymity can’t be maintained and you’re going to be photographed, put on bulk clothes and hat, tie a scarf and add sunglasses.

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