Do you need immediate online lottery help? Do you have questions about lotteries, Jackpots and winnings, but you don’t know who to ask them? Find our FAQ section to complete your needs!

Is it safe to play lotteries online?

Mostly, yes. But you must keep your eyes open and build certain that the site you use is secure. Fake lotto services still exist. Legitimate lottery sites apply specific security measures. For example, they use SSL encryption and have PCI DSS certification for work with payment data.

What is an online lottery?

When we talk about online lotteries, we mean state lotteries that allow players from anywhere in the world to participate in their raffles. The most popular games the operators of which don’t care about your citizenship are MEGA Millions, Powerball, SuperEnalotto, El Gordo, Oz Lotto and some others. The only thing you need to pay attention to: please check if your country's legislation allows you to participate in lotteries.

How to play lotteries online?

It’s easy. To buy a lottery ticket online, you don’t need to go to the supermarket or paper kiosk and wait in line. You don’t even need to leave your house. All you need is a computer, a laptop or a smartphone plus a couple of free minutes.

Just choose an online lottery agent and register. You will be offered a good range of public lotteries and different types of participation to your choice: syndicates, games with a dynamic ticket form and many others. Depending on the amount of your win, you will either get the prize in person (the Jackpot or just a large lottery prize), or it will be credited to your account.

After you fill in a ticket form and pay for the entry, your lottery agent will purchase a ticket for you with the numbers chosen at one of the official lottery ticket sales points. Moreover, the picture of your lottery ticket will be available for you soon. Feel free to find it in your personal account.

How to fill in a lottery ticket?

There’s nothing difficult in filling in a lottery ticket. You just need to decide on the number of lines in it, as well as on your lucky numbers. However, if you are doing this for the first time, the procedure for getting a ticket online may embarrass you for a while. Therefore, we’ve prepared a step-by-step guide for filling in a lottery ticket right.

How to choose an online lottery?

There are many criteria that can be taken into account when choosing a lottery: the Jackpot amount, the number of prize divisions, winning odds and much more. Here are a few of our articles that will help you make a right choice:

The best lotteries in the world: by Jackpot, odds and prizes

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Is my winning subject to tax?

Some lottery prizes are subject to tax, some are not. It depends on the legislation of the certain country where lottery organizers are located. Here are some tax requirements for some lotteries:

  • All Australian lotteries are tax free.
  • The American games are always subject to tax. The American taxation system is quite complicated. First, you will need to pay both a federal and state tax. Secondly, the tax rate differs from state to state. Finally, the amount of tax differs for local residents and foreigners. The last should pay more. So, the amount of your tax will depend on the state in which your lottery agent will buy a ticket for you.
  • If you win more than € 2.500 in Spain, you should pay taxes at a rate of 20%.
  • If you have eyes for any Italian lottery, be ready to pay a local retailer fee (€ 1.03-€ 6.20) and the federal tax (up to 12%).

What is a lottery agent?

Imagine that you want a pizza. But there’s an obstacle: your favorite Italian restaurant is 10 miles away from your place. Who are you going to call? You will contact the courier who will bring the pizza straight to your doorstep. A lottery agent is a company which purchases a lottery ticket on your behalf. Here’s more to come: lottery agents are responsible for the safety of your slip; also, they provide you with proof that your ticket has been really purchased by sending you a picture or a scanned copy of it. Most often, more than 50 people are engaged in all these activities at once. Employees of any lottery concierge service or a lottery agent get a salary, so that tickets you purchase on their sites are slightly more expensive than that of the official sales points.

Can I participate in a national lottery of a foreign country?

You can’t participate in a national lottery of a foreign country if only 1) you’re under age, or 2) your country's legislation prohibits you from playing in the lottery. In other cases you’re welcome aboard!

How old do I need to be to play the lottery?

You must be 18 years and older.

Сan I claim my Jackpot prize anonymously?

Not always. Here’s the list of the countries which will allow you to remain incognito even if you win the Jackpot:

That’s why you’ve hardly ever heard news of winners of these lotteries; while newspapers and TV shows are full of stories about Powerball and MEGA Millions winners. However, the Multi-State Lottery Association (the organization that runs each lottery in the US) can make an exception for you if you have any decent reasons to stay anonymous.

What happens when I win the Jackpot?

Your lottery agent will immediately contact you in order to discuss your further actions. If you need to claim the prize in person, keep in mind that many lotto companies cover travel costs. Please be careful when you fill in the “My Contact Info” section. Put down your phone number and email that you always have access to there.