The Multiplier. What is it and how does it work?

Increase your winnings with multiplier

Once upon a time, all the lotteries were very simple. They all had the “match 6 numbers out of 49” matrix. One day, lottery organizers decided to diversify their games, give them a twist, come up with something that would distinguish each of them from others. First, they changed the lottery names, then added extra sets of special balls. Later on, the Europeans added bonus numbers to their game sets. The Americans went on. They invented the multiplier. How does the Megaplier work? How does the PowerPlay work? We are going to tell you.

Any multiplier is created in order to increase the amount of the secondary prize several times. This option is available for the following lotteries:

How does the megaplier work on MEGA Millions?

The multiplier of MEGA Millions is Megaplier. It’s able to increase the amount of any secondary prize up to 5 times. We remind you that MEGA Millions has nine prize divisions. Prizes in these categories, except for Jackpot, are fixed: $ 2.00, $ 4.00, $ 10.00, $ 200.00, $ 500.00, $ 10.000.00 and $ 1.000.000,00 before the increase. Three lottery drums are involved in each draw of this American game. Five ordinary numbers are got out of the first drum, one special number is got out of the second drum, and then, when the winning set of numbers is already determined, one more ball is got out of the third drum. The number on it determines the value of the multiplier. There are only four balls in the third drum: with the numbers 2, 3, 4, 5 on them. The maximum secondary prize, which can be obtained with the help of Megaplier is 5 million dollars.

Power Ball: How the multiplier work?

The Powerball multiplier is PowerPlay. At first, the multiplier of the American game was no different from one of MEGA Millions, but in 2016 the organizer of Powerball decided to significantly improve this option. Now, if the Jackpot does not exceed $ 150.000.000, one more ball with 10 on it is added to the set of 2, 3, 4 and 5. Thus, the largest minor Powerball prize can reach $ 10 million. Powerball also has nine prize categories. Prizes are fixed. Before the increase, they are $ 4.00, $ 7.00, $ 100.00, $ 10.000,00, $ 50.000,00 are $ 1,000,000.00.

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New-Jersey Pick-6: How does the megaplier work?

The New-Jersey Pick-6 multiplier is XTRA. It doesn’t just increase any secondary lottery prize up to five times, but also serves to create an additional prize category. The prize is paid for two matched numbers only when the user played with the XTRA option. New-Jersey Pick-6 has five prize tiers. These tiers, except for the least ($ 3.00), are non-fixed and depend on what the total prize pool is.

Lotto Texas. How do Extra! works?

The Lotto Texas multiplier is Extra! In our opinion, this is the most unusual kind of multipliers. Lotto Texas has five prize divisions (you need to match 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 numbers to reach one of them). How does lottery megaplier work? If you match 3 numbers by choosing the option Extra!, your prize will increase by $ 10. If you match 4 numbers with the option Extra!, your prize will increase by $ 100. Finally, If you match 5 numbers with the option Extra!, your prize will increase by $ 10.000.

Let's tackle a few frequently asked questions:

  • Will I pay extra money if I choose this option?
    Yes. The multiplier slightly increases the cost of the ticket.
  • How to choose a multiplier?
    If you buy a lottery ticket with the help of a special machine, simply click on the check mark in the appropriate box. If you play the lottery online, the multiplier can be ticked under the ticket form. It only takes a few seconds to tick it. Nevertheless, it’s a good idea to buy lottery tickets online: you can get tickets with both a user home computer and a smartphone. The site can assist you with short tips in order you do everything right.

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