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The most effective lottery strategies FOR BEGINNERS!

The best lottery strategies for beginners

How do you win the lottery? Does anyone know the secret winning formula? Winning the lottery is pure luck. One after another, lottery balls fall out of a lottery drum in a random order. The official SuperLotto Plus website says that the lottery machines that are used for lotto raffles are stored in fastened rooms where the perfect mode of temperature and humidity is created. Elastic rubber balls with numbers on them that briskly jump out of drums are totally identical in shape and weight. The equipment is carefully checked before each draw.

Alas, there’s no way to hack the secret winning formula. However, there are ways to improve your winning odds. Today will tell you about the most effective lottery strategies. In order not to frighten you with complicated mathematical formulas and postulates of probability theory, let us begin our acquaintance with the most effective lottery strategies from the easiest ones. Despite their simplicity, they really work!

Choose a simple matrix

So, how do you win the lottery raffle? It’s time to use logic. You don’t need to be a genius to understand that lotteries with a simple game matrix have the best winning odds. What do we mean, when we say “a simple game”? A game of easy matrix has only one game set, which is limited to 45-49 balls. This determines lottery odds. So, the following lotteries have the best odds to scoop the Jackpot:

Nevertheless, almost all plain lotteries have relatively small Jackpots and lack worthy secondary prizes. These lotteries are undoubtedly worth your attention if your goal is to hit the major prize.

Always use the multiplier

How do you win the American lottery? Many of you know that the most popular American lotteries have such an option as "Multiplier", but very few of you actually use it. Whereas, it can increase any prize several times — except for the Jackpot.

  • The Powerball multiplier (Powerplay) increases the Powerball secondary prizes up to 10 times. The minimum prize for the matched Powerball number (the minimal prize) can reach 40 dollars; the maximum secondary prize can reach 10 million dollars.
  • The MEGA Millions multiplier (Megaplier) increases the secondary prizes up to 5 times. The prizes range from ten dollars for the minimum number of matched balls to five million dollars.
  • The New Jersey Pick-6 multiplier (XTRA) also increases the secondary prizes up to 5 times + forms a prize tire.
  • The Lotto Texas multiplier (Extra!) just adds 10, 1.000 or 10.000 to your winning amount, depending on the prize category.

Analyze secondary prizes

If you were attentive when reading the text about the multiplier, you already tumbled to that minor lottery prizes can be really large. If you don’t care which prize to win (the major or the minor), pay attention to the number of prize categories of the lottery you’re going to play, as well as to the prize amounts of each prize division.

“Three” is always good

How else do you win on the lottery? Here is our helpful 1-minute-long tip. Lottery players match from one to three numbers from the lottery set really often. If you match just a few numbers, you will be paid a small amount of money, but some lotteries are willing to pay quite good money for just three matched numbers. It’s really easy to match three numbers, so that look for the best deal. This is an excellent option for those who wish to get a small but constant cash flow. Let's see how much money some of the most popular games in the world offer for three matched balls. We arranged a list of games in descending order of payments.

Of course, these are small amounts of money. However, they cover the ticket cost and leave you some extra money to buy new tickets, which can bring you a more meaningful win.

Get your money back

This strategy is suitable for those who don’t have a lot of money, but who have a lot of patience and is set to hit the Jackpot. You need to pick a lottery that guarantees payment of prizes even for the minimum number of matched balls. You will notice that you are able to match almost all winning numbers in each lottery draw, but (that's bad luck!) all these numbers are scattered in different ticket lines. It’s easy to match just one number. You will do that really often. Here is a list of lotteries, which will often refund you (fully or partially) the cost of the tickets. You just have to spend this money on a new batch of tickets.

Be individualistic

Suppose you won the Jackpot.

Here you can read about the legal, psychological, financial and moral aspects of winning the lottery, i.e. what to do if you win the lottery:

Let’s imagine you’ve won the biggest lottery Jackpot… Part I

Let’s imagine you’ve won the biggest lottery Jackpot... Part II

If you followed our recommendations, you played a lottery with an easy game matrix and were able to hit a sweet Jackpot. Here are some harmful tips how to share your prize with several other lucky lottery players:

  • Tick "lucky" and "magic" numbers when you fill out a lottery ticket, especially if these numbers are 3, 7 or 13. Another popular “magic” (i.e. popular) lottery number is number 6.
  • Choose birth dates as your lucky numbers. Limit yourself to combinations, the largest number of which is 31.

Invite neighbors, friends and colleagues to play with you

If you would like to win big, you should attract help. The more lottery tickets you buy, the better your winning odds. A few additional tickets will only slightly increase your odds, whereas, 100 or 200 extra tickets really make sense. This is easy to check if you browse news: it can be often seen in the media that a group of people won the Jackpot. Play along with colleagues, neighbors or relatives, then your winning odds will be really impressive!


In this article, we’ve uncovered some of the lottery secrets and lottery strategies for beginners. In the following articles, we will talk about more complex things. You can start reading them when you stop confusing SuperLotto Plus and SuperEnalotto and find out why any lottery ticket is lined. Good luck!

P.S.: You can play national American, Australian, Spanish and Italian lotteries online even if you’re a non-resident. Just fill in an electronic ticket form, pay for an order (bank cards and e-wallets can be used for that) and your ticket will be purchased in one of the official sales points by your personal lotto agent.

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